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The 10th ordinary assembly of ‘GROUP CLUB HANDBALL – Circle of the Best’ (GCH) took place on 2.2.2009 in Zagreb/Croatia.

GCH is concerned about the proceedings around International Handball Federation (IHF) which seriously damage the image of handball. The clubs advised the president of GCH, Joan Marin, to contact the President of the European Handball Federation (EHF), Mr. Tor Lian, in order to receive more information.

GCH is also concerned about the policy of International Handball Federation (IHF), not to paid any compensation for injured players. The players Nikcevic/San Antonio/ESP and Kraus/Lemgo/GER are seriously injured and will not be able to play for their clubs in the next months. This will have direct influence on the tables of Spain and Germany.
GCH decided to take action against the policy of International Handball Federation (IHF).

GCH decided enlarge to 24 teams. The teams of

DEN: FCK Handbold A/S
ESP: CAI BM Aragon Zaragoza
FRA: Chambery Savoie HB
GER: Rhein-Neckar-Lions
HUN: Pick Szeged
SLO: RK Gorenje Velenje
SUI: Kadetten Handball Schaffhausen
SWE: Hammarby

are invited to join the grouping.

The clubs were elected in autumn 2007 according to the EC ranking for season 2007/2008.

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