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Here you find press articles on issues, being of interest for European Club sports – with an emphasis on handball:

8.1.18 PanAmerican protest against the President of the International Handball Federation

26.12.17: Analysis on the development of Spanish ACB in relation to Euroleague and NBA/Why there is such a decrease in the number of TV spectators?

10.5.17 IMG Boss Rojas sees PAY-TV as the best option for the TV customer

3.11.16 Chief of BP China becomes CEO of Wanda Sports

1.11.16 Atlantic League as concept against World League plans in football

13.10.16 Spain, Greece and Israel are the most profitable tv-markets in Basketball

4.10.2016: What are the earnings of the Clubs in the new Euroleague Basket?

40.000 per victory in the regular Season, 70.000 in the Play-Offs and 1.000.000 for the winner: 30 Mio Euros are delivered to 16 clubs

16.5.2018: Private Championsleague in equitarian sports

Die Global Champions League und der Weltverband der Reiter führen einen erbitterten Rechtsstreit – es geht um nicht weniger als die Zukunft des professionellen Reitsports. Darf der internationale Reitsportverband FEI die Teilnahme an der privat organisierten Global Championsleague mit Disqualifikationen bestrafen?

13.5.16 BASKETBALL: The Spanish Highest Sport Council anulls the contract between the Spanish Leage ACB and Euroleage Commercial Assets ECA.

Vía libre a la Selección: el CSD anula el acuerdo entre la ACB y la Euroliga

Amazing: a state body anulls the contract between two Spanish companies. As a consequence the Spanish National Team, European Champion 2015, will not be banned from the Olympics 2016.

27.4.2016: Fisas asks the European Commission about FIBA sanctions against national federations

FIBA threatens to ban Spain, Italy, Greece and Lithuania from the Olympics, as Clubs of theses federations intend to participate in the 2nd tier of the EUROLEAGUE, ECA owned Eurocup. FIBA wants to enforce the participation of these Clubs in the FIBA Championsleague as of season 16/17.

15.3.16 Spanish FC Barcelona supports the idea of a Club controlled Superleague

“Hay que potenciar una liga europea desde un ámbito controlado por los clubs”, defendió la vicepresidenta económica del Barça, Susana Monje, en una entrevista en La Vanguardia. “Dependemos ahora de entidades como la UEFA o la FIFA cuya gestión es mejorable, y ese es un objetivo clarísimo por el que el Barça debe apostar”, agregó.

14.3.16: Euroleague Basket unifies 4 leagues and 40 top clubs for next years European competitions

9.2.2016 Palco 23: Clubs refuse to enlarge the FIFA World Cup from 32 to 40 teams

Los clubes europeos rechazan ampliar el Mundial y abogan por reformar la Champions League

7.2.16: The war between Euroliga and FIBA enters the decisive phase

El Confidencial: La guerra entre la Euroliga y la FIBA entra en su fase decisiva

03.02.2016: German ARD Televison intends to enforce transmission of the women World-Championship 2017 via political decision  
Schachzug um WM-Rechte 2017: ARD will Handball Free-TV-Übertragung politisch erzwingen

19.1.2016: Die Zeit berichtet über Diskriminierung von Homosexualität im Frauen-Handball

17.1.2016: Handball-Weltliga wird konkret – Der ganz grosse Wurf/Premier-Handball-League becomes concrete: The big deal 

Erstmalig äussert sich im Handelsblatt der CEO der ab 2018 geplanten  ‘Premier Handball League’ AG zu seinen Zielen.

21.12.2015: German federation fights against TV-Blackout during the World-Championship 2017

19.12.15 TV2 interview: Gro Hammerseng and Jutta Ehrmann-Wolf

Ble nektet jobb i håndball-VM fordi hun er homofil

Kvinnelige delegater hevder de ikke får jobbe under årets håndball-VM på grunn av sin seksuelle legning.

7.12.2015 Referees and Delegates punished by IHF after mistake

11.11.2015: IMG and Euroliga deals guarantees 380 Mio to European Top Basketball Clubs for the next 10 years

IMG y la Euroliga aseguran a los clubes un mínimo de 380 millones en diez años

7.4.2015: Veselin Vujovic, Coach of PPD Zagreb and former ‘Best Player of the World’, demands new rules in Handball

18.3.2015: FIBA intends to get control of the European Cup in Basketball

Euroleage Basketball is working independently from FIBA. The World Federation of Basketball intends to get control on European Club Basketball ….

6.2.2015: Every sportsman and every Club can apply to an ordinary court of justice. Sport Federations are not able to avoid this.

The Pechstein decision of the Oberlandesgericht of Munich is “ground-breaking”, “earth-shaking”, “revolutionary”, name it. …. The arbitration clause signed by the appellant Pechstein and the respondent ISU does not preclude access to the ordinary Courts!

2.2.2015: Comments on the World Championship in Qatar

TeamHandballNews/USA: ‘IHF and Qatar ruin the big Event’

… But this time, the IHF and the Qatari host conspired in various ways, so that the focus instead was on the mercenaries of what purported to be a Qatari national team, the many advantages they obtained, and the totally inconsistent refereeing which often was the deciding factor in key games. …

and the same in Spanish:

3.2.2015: La IHF y Qatar arruinan el gran evento

… Pero esta vez, la IHF y el anfitrión qatarí conspiraron en diversas formas, por lo que en lugar de eso el foco estuvo  en los mercenarios de lo que pretendía ser un equipo nacional qatarí, en las muchas ventajas que obtuvieron y en el arbitraje totalmente incoherente que fue frecuentemente factor decisivo en los partidos clave. ….

FAZ: Herz und Seele an Qatar verkauft

… Der Staat hat willfährige Partner gefunden in führenden Sportfunktionären wie Hassan Moustafa oder Joseph Blatter, für die es um nichts anderes zu gehen scheint als um das Geschäft mit dem Sport, um die Erschließung neuer Märkte, ohne Skrupel. Der Ägypter Moustafa, der den Internationalen Handballverband leitet, hat das in Doha klar ausgedrückt – keine Spur von Zurückhaltung. …

Stig Nygard/TV Norway: ‘Qatar have bought a place in the final of the World Championship. Now the handball family has to clean up in their house.’ (English Version) (Norwegian Version)

… But it should have been impossible. The only way Qatar could do this was through spending money. A lot of money. ….

Die deutsche ‘Welt’ vergleicht Hassan Moustafa und Sepp Blatter: ‘Straßenräuber und Kotzbrocken schaden dem Sport’

…  Seine Feinde schimpfen ihn “Pharao”, bezichtigen ihn der Vetternwirtschaft, bescheinigen ihm ein Netzwerk aus Abnickern und erzählen von Ermittlungen der Basler Staatsanwaltschaft wegen des Verdachts der Untreue – genau gesagt von 1,6 Millionen Schweizer Franken, die sich bei der IHF unauffindbar aus dem Staub gemacht haben. …

31.1.2015: Torneos preolímpicos: Despejando Dudas/Qulification tournaments for Olympic Games 2016

29.1.2015: IHF-head of refereeing criticises performance: “Rule jugglers will be taken out of the System”

28.1.2015: Mundo Deportivo: FIBA and ULEB are fighting against the plan of a Euroleague with promotion/relegation and without direct access from National leagues

La Federación Internacional (FIBA) y las ligas nacionales están decididas a pararle los pies a Jordi Bertomeu y dinamitar su proyecto de una Euroliga autoclasificada, en la que no exisitiría una relación directa entre los equipos participantes y los resultados deportivos que se produzcan en los diferentes torneos domésticos.

27.12.2014: Daniel Saric: ‘I am Qatari for the time, I am contracted’

‘yo solamente soy qatarí hasta que dure mi contrato, no tengo nada de allí, solamente tengo permiso para jugar con su país. Y ya está.’

26.1.2015: Handball Worlds show that ‘Qatar hosts world-class sporting events’

The Qatar 2015 Organising Committee has received overwhelmingly positive feedback ….

6.11.2014: Xavier O’Callaghan (Manager FC Barcelona) describes the economic situation of Handball in Europe

O’Callaghan: “El balonmano vivió de un modelo que no era perdurable ni sostenible en España”

3.11.2014: Prof Ben van Rompuy/Asser institute comments on the court case of 17 Bundesliga clubs against DHB/IHF

The specialist on European and International Sports highlights the importance of the issue:

‘… even though sports federations usually have practical monopolies in a given sport, the remedial potential of Article 102 TFEU to tackle abusive conduct remains underexplored. This case, and even the earlier competition law complaint lodged against the EHF, reveals that it offers a powerful instrument to steer sports federations into the direction of better governance. Eventually the IHF will have to follow the path that others (e.g. EHF, FIFA) have traveled. After all, the determination of a fair compensation for player release necessitates a consensual strategy that balances the needs of stakeholders, in this case the clubs, with the needs of the federation.’

27.10.2014: Ricardo Blas elected as President of the Oceania Continent Handball Federation

Oceania wants to become the Status of a Continental Federation inside IHF. This will be the main task for the former Judoka who participated in two Olympic Games.

25.9.2014: Rugby Clubs separate from the Federations and organise their own European Champions Cup competition

One of the leading figures on the European scene, Premier Rugby chief executive, Mark McCafferty, says that the new Champions Cup will deliver “anything between 75-100 per cent” more in revenues than under the old regime.

1.9.2014: Christer Ahl resigns from his position as President of the PATHF Tribunal and complains about the behavior of the PATHF Congress

23.7.2014: Neue Züricher Zeitung – Geschenk an Deuschland

‘Die Deutschen spielen auf der Weltbühne des Handballs keine grosse Rolle mehr. Dem internationalen Verband passt das aus marketingtechnischen Gründen nicht in den Kram.’ …..

11.7.2014 Grosser Ärger um Wildcard für Deutschland

… Aber, und da beginnt die Spitzfindigkeit der IHF: Australien tritt ja nicht freiwillig oder aus politischen Gründen nicht an, sondern wurde kurzerhand ausgeschlossen. ….

8.7.2014: Unprecedented decision: Germany gets Wildcard for the World Championship in Qatar

20.5.2014: Basketball: Clubs are facing losses of 30%

23.4.14: ASOBAL – Time for changes


14.4.14: Bundesliga kontra Königsklasse – Harte Kritik am neuen Modus

7.4.14: El Mundial 2015 en Qatar comenzara dos dias antes de lo previsto

IHF World Championsship in Qatar starts two days earlier – and the Clubs must release their players two days earlier without being asked

26.3.14: Euroleague Basket – CEO Jordi Bertomeu: Neither the NBA nor the Euroleague Basket will stop for National Team matches

“Ni la NBA ni la Euroliga van a parar por las selecciones” Jordi Bertomeu, director ejecutivo de la Euroliga, nos habla de los planes de la competición continental. También de sus problemas, de las disputas con la FIBA.

12.3.2014: Urteil im Streit zwischen Clubs der Handball-Bundesliga und DHB/IHF wird Ende April erwartet

27.2.14: Der Scheich liebt Handball – und die IHF kassiert 81 Mio Euro bis 2017

4.2.2014: ‘Coming out’ of the Norwegian Goal Keeper Ole Andre Lerang–416693_1.snd#.UvoYTbAwepo

29.1.2014: Spanish League ASOBAL and Royal Spanish Handball Federation RFEBM sign new 3-year-agreement until July 2017.

19.1.14: Nazi-Skandal bei der Handball-EM/

“Die Isländer sind wie die Nazis 1938 – sie schlachten die Österreicher ab”, berichtete Arnarson für den isländischen TV-Sender ‘RUV’

17.1.14: Die Quadratur des Kreises/Berliner Zeitung

Die Berliner Zeitung befasst sich mit den unterschiedlichen Erwartungen an die VELUX Championsleague:,10808794,25920286.html

10.12.13: Eishockey hat wieder eine Championsleague

Interessant dabei die Tatsache, dass Clubs, Ligen und Internationaler Verband gemeinsam eine Firma gründen. Vermarktet wird das Thema von Infront.

16.11.13: FIFA insurance program will pay 20.548 Euros per day for injured S. Khedira to Real Madrid

La FIFA compensará al Madrid con más de dos millones de euros por Khedira

7.11.13: Balonmano sostenible = The Spanish Government is interested in sustainable handball

17.10.13: ‘Innovate or die’ – New Spanish President Paco Blazquez predicts bankrupcy of ASOBAL

2.9.13: Nikola Karabatic: I like the idea of a World League, but I do not know, whether Germany or France would like it!

22.7.13: THW Kiel Coach Alfred Gislason proposes Handball World League


6.5.13: Algerian Handball Federation versus IHF:   

Mohamed Aziz Derouaz au Forum Sport d’El Moudjahid : “On se réunira avec les ligues et les clubs pour les informer de la situation”

30.4.13: Algerie: L’IHF oblige la FAHB à organiser une nouvelle assemblée générale élective

26.4.13: Algerie: Litige FAHB-IHF : la Fédération algérienne prend acte du processus de mise en conformité de ses statuts

26.4.13: IHF Schatzmeister verhaftet—765.html

15.4.2013 Schleswig-Holsteinische-Zeitung: Handballclubs verklagen den Weltverband

Die SHZ berichtet von der Pressekonferenz von Flensburg, Hamburg, Kiel und Melsungen

12.4.13: Follow the Money – IHF Treasurer arrested!

8.4.2013: 16 Handball-Clubs verklagen DHB und Weltverband befasst sich mit der Klage von 16 deutschen Klubs gegen IHF und DHB.

29.1.13: FCH announces to lodge complaint against IHF – Reactions

Spain, Blog-de-Rosca: Clubs critisize lack of respect of IHF



Slovenia, Ljubljanske Novice:



23.1.12: New Spanish League President Eduard Coll/Barcelona intends to revolutionize handball

One chinese player per Asobal team, matches to be played in Algeria, Tunesia and China – ideas of the new Asobal Boss!

10.1.13: The avarice of IHF is exessive

Blog de Rosca comments in detail on the radio transmission rights for the upcoming World Championship in Spain. IHF charges – via UFA sports agency – 5.000 Euros for the right to report on the World Championship. The transmission of a Spanish match costs 1.000 Euros, all other matches 500 Euros. The last sentence summarizes: Senores, you are hindering the popularisation of Spanish Handball for a few thousands of Euros!

20.12.12: Comportamiento deshonesto del Presidente IHF con el FCH

14.12.12: Norwegian TV2 on IHF issues

11.12.12: World Series Cycling – a ‘break-away-league’? Former G14 Managing Director Thomas Kurth and Jonathan Price (Gifted Group) announce the unification of 8 professional cycling teams

10.12.12: Handball to participate in the Eurpean Games/Official EHF statement

EHF President Jean Brihault:  … it is clear – and the message from our various stakeholders is also clear – that a European Games cannot add to the workload of players in the future.

8.12.12: European Games, Spain: Creo que los Juegos Europeos beneficiarán a todos

3.12.12,  EL Pais, ESP: The Superleague is unavoidable

30.11.12, ESP: Blog-de-Rosca – IHF refuses negotiations with FCH!/2012/12/la-ihf-no-negocia-pagar-por-lesionados.html

29.11.12. ESP: Spanish blog-de-Rosca headline: FCH prepares measures against IHF

28.11.12: American webblog comments on the relation IHF-EHF

20.11.12: Euroleague Basket shareholders express disagreement with the new FIBA Calendar/the new National team windows

18.11.12: FIBA Europe opposes against the the FIBA World decision to reduce the number of European Championships,7Sp1QH6gBs9R33dW8-3.coid_t47oJhUPIWgvlg44kRCbQ1.articleMode_on.html

11.11.12: FIBA World decides to reduce the number of European Championships to one per Olympic Cycle and introduces National team windows during the European Club season

20.6.2012: Spanish National Team Coach Valero Rivera works as players agent

22.3.2012 European Club Association (ECA) sign new agreement with UEFA

Details about compensation for release of players to the National team, insurance and Governance:

2.2.2012: European Parliament demands insurance for player salaries in favor of the clubs while players are performing for the National Team

El Parlamento Europeo reclama seguros para los clubes que ceden deportistas a las selecciones nacionales

18.1.2012: FIFA and ECA open talks on club versus country issues

4.4.2011: According to a handball league with 8 teams started in China.


31.1.2011 ‘El Pais’ (Spain): Jean-Louis Dupont, former lawyer of GROUP CLUB HANDBALL EEIG, working on behalf of Real Madrid, Oporto, PSV Eindhoven and Oporto, wants bookmakers to pay clubs.

El abogado del ‘caso Bosman’ y de Contador litiga en nombre del equipo blanco, el PSV, el Oporto y el Juventus para que las casas de apuestas en Internet paguen a los clubes

24.2.2011: ‘El Pais’ (Spain): The European Commission challenges the transfer regulations of Spanish Basketball: ‘Somebody has denounced us …’

‘El Bosman’ del baloncesto: La Comisión Europea advierte contra los cupos reservados a españoles

17.2.2011: ‘La Voz de Galacia’ reports about an EU complaint against the Spanish Basketball regulations for foreigner

BALONCESTO Bruselas expedienta a España por poner cupos de comunitarios en el baloncesto

Cree que federación y ACB atentan contra la libre circulación de trabajadores

2.2.2011: ‘El Pais’ – Spain, reports about the financial situation of ASOBAL clubs: ‘The black hole after the Bronze Medal’

Un agujero negro tras el bronce mundial

Reducción de plantillas y presupuestos, impagos, falta de patrocinadores… La dura realidad del balonmano en la Liga ASOBAL

3.2.2011: An English Pub might cost European Football millions of Euros ….

Eine englische Kneipe könnte die Fussball-Bundesliga Millionen kosten …

3.2.2011: Spanish Federation promotes the ‘Golden League’, a club tournament which shall be played in January

21.1.11: Undemokratische Verbündete

Zeit-online beleuchtet das Demokratieverständnis der grossen Sportverbände

21.1.11: reports that an English Handball Team will participate in Olympics 2012

Matthias Kornes: Der Traum nimmt Gestalt an: Englands Handballer erhalten “Go” für Olympia

18.1.2011: Kurier-Austria: Ein Präsident im Zwielicht

Der Kurier beleuchtet die Geschäfte von Hassan Moustafa

18.1.2011: Neues Deutschland: Entsetzen über den Weltverband 

Schiedsrichter können während des Spiels abgesetzt werden. Das ist ‘wie standrechtliches Erschiessen’ meint DHB Schieri Chef Rauchfuss.

12.1.2011: Die Westdeutsche Zeitung befragt Spieler und Experten titelt:  ‘Kleinere Handballtore: “Eine total bescheuerte Idee”‘

Der IHF Präsident hat vorgeschlagen den Torraum zu vergrössern, bzw. die Tore zu verkleinern. Kommentare.

6.1.2011:    WM 2011: Clubs erhalten über 1,2 Millionen Schweizer Franken von der IHF

14.12.2010: World Championship Spain 2013:  ‘Moustafa: The letter which the king sent to us was very important!’

Moustafa: “La carta que nos envió el Rey fue importante”

Marca, 10 Dec 2010:

7.7.2010 ASOBAL reaches agreement with EHF and withdraws the complaint, lodged with the European Commission Ein “Meilenstein”: EHF integriert Vereine, Ligen und Spieler/

30.5.2010: FTD-online: Handball Verband integriert Clubs

26.5.2010, ZDF-online:  Mehr Mitspracherecht für die Klubs

Historische Zäsur im Europäischen Handball/Erik Eggers,5676,8075021,00.html


18.4.2010: Kickbacks&match-fixing: An everyday story of Olympic Handball by Andrew Jennings/’Transparancy in sport’

22.3.2010 Christer Ahl, former IHF Council member:  President Moustafa’s proposals for new IHF Statutes would legitimize his dictatorship and despotism — who will stop this madness??

16.3.2010: ZDF-online: Despotismus statt Demokratie: Welthandballpräsident Moustafa erneut in der Kritik,5676,8053038,00.html

25.2.10: EHF Statement on IHF matters

25.2.10 Former IHF Council member Christer Ahl comments on increase of compensation for IHF Council members (THN)

23.2.10 Handelsblatt:
IHF bietet Clubs Entschädigung

20.2.10 DER SPIEGEL:
Bezüge für Handball-Funktionäre
IHF-Präsident Moustafa bekommt 1567 Prozent mehr,1518,679098,00.html

18.2.10 NEW YORK TIMES reports about Handball in the US:
Team Handball has it all, except an American interest

9.2.10 Neue Zuericher Zeitung:
Wir koennen nicht alle Probleme dieser Welt lösen
Neue Zuericher Zeitung asks Jaques Rogge about DER SPIEGEL allegations against IHF President Hassan Moustafa

In einem Interview aeussert sich IOC Praesident Jaques Rogge allgemein zu globalen Fragen des Sports und speziell zu Hassan Moustafa in der NEUEN ZÜRICHER ZEITUNG.

Die für den Handball wichtige Aussage steht hier, dass gesamte Interview gibt es unter dem Link.

NZZ: Und wenn Sie hören, dass Hassan Moustafa als Präsident des Internationalen Handballverbandes einen Beratervertrag mit der Vermarktungsgesellschaft Sportfive abgeschlossen hat? Laut dem «Spiegel» soll Moustafa eine Million Franken dafür kassiert haben, dass er im arabischen Raum und in Nordafrika seine Beziehungen für die kommerziellen Interessen von Sportfive nützt. Lassen Sie so etwas zu?

Rogge: Hassan Moustafa ist nicht Mitglied des IOK. Folglich ist es nicht an uns, Massnahmen zu ergreifen.

NZZ: Nehmen wir einmal an, dass Herr Moustafa Mitglied des IOK wäre.

Rogge: Dann würde ich ein derartiges Gebaren mit Sicherheit nicht dulden.

9.2.10 El mundo deportivo:
Entrevista con Jean Louis Dupont, el abogado de GCH:

28.1.10  (Hassan Moustafa) Transparency:
Deutschland fordert klare Regeln bei Beraterverträgen von Sportfunktionären

27.1.10 dpa:
12.000 Karten für Final Four der Champions League verkauft
EHF sold 12.000 tickets for the Final Four Cologne up to now

26.1.10 Nemzeti Sport Online Hungary:
Milliókat sikkaszthatott az IHF elnöke

27.1.10 De Rosca por Luis Malvar Spain:
La Super Globe se jugará los próximos 4 años en Qatar
Super Globe will be played in Quatar for the next 4 years

27.1.10 Tagesspiegel Berlin:
Das ist eine Revolution: Abstellungsgebühr für Nationalspieler;art18150,3013085

23.1.10 SPIEGEL Online:
Moustafa hatte Geheimvertrag mit Vermarktungsagentur,1518,673558,00.html

English version:

Controversial Handball-Boss had contract with Marketing Agency

Handball functionary Moustafa: “Good relation with decision-takers”

The President of the World Handball Federation, Hassan Moustafa, according to SPIEGEL information had a secret consultant contract with the marketing agency Sportfive. For his activities as a lobbyist he collected several hundred thousand Euros.

Hassan Moustafa, President of the International Handball Federation (IHF), had a secret consulting contract with the sports marketing agency Sportfive through his close to Cairo located company Sport Group.

According to that, the Hamburg based company which until the 31 December 2009 marketed the television rights of the World Handball Federation and up to this point the most important business partner of the IHF by far, paid about 602,000 Euros to the top official from October 2007 to 31 December 2009 in return for his lobbying services. At least half of that fee was transferred to Moustafa via a private bank account at a branch of the bank BNP Paribas in the Egyptian city of Gizeh.

As stated in the contract, that is in hand of SPIEGEL, Moustafa exclusively should use his ‘good relationships with sports organizations and their decision takers’ and to media companies for the commercial interests of Sportfive.

Furthemore Moustafa should use best endeavors to support Sportfive in their effort to secure the commercial rights of major events”.

Moustafa confirmed the existence of the contract.

Further, the former managing director of Sportfive Robert Mueller von Vultejus, who had co-signed the contract in October 2007, confirmed the operation.

The current Managing Director of the Hamburg sports rights agency UFA Sports also said that Sportfive had already completed a consultancy contract with Moustafa in spring 2007 which was then ‘slightly modified at request of Mr Moustafa’ in October 2007. In the new version that made the original contract null and void, the use of Moustafas “good relations” to “decision takers” in Handball and to the Association of Summer Olympic sports federations is explicitly excluded. This passage is missing in the version as of spring 2007.

Moustafa told to SPIEGEL that he has sent a draft and the signed copy of his consultant contract to the Ethics Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in October 2007. The Ethics Commission had no objections.

Insight into this statement, he did not grant. He has ‘no right’ to ‘reveal’ the document . The IOC announced that Moustafa was looking for advice of the “Council of the Ethics Commission” only in 2008.Till then € 602.000 were already paid.

For his opponents, he is the prototype of the infamous functionary

Moustafa is an important man in international sports politics. For his opponents, he is the prototype of the disreputable functioneer, surrounded only by yes-man, a nepotist in a environment where in remarkable ways money is transferred back and forth. (original German wording: ‚mit einem Hofstaat, in dem Abnicker und Jasager agieren, und einer Vetternwirtschaft, in der auf merkwürdigen Wegen Gelder hin- und hergeschoben werden.‘)

One of the most frequently repeated accusations is that Moustafa has enriched himself over the years with sloppy expense reports over several hundred thousand Swiss francs.

But no other case attracted worldwide attention as the scandal of a fraud game in a qualifying tournament for the 2008 Olympic Games between Kuwait and the favoured team from South Korea. Moustafa ensured that not, as scheduled, two referees from Germany officiated the match, but two referees from Jordania which decided all one-to-one situations against South Korea.

Kuwait won. The tournament had to be repeated, the judgement of the Court of Arbitration and Sports CAS was: Match fixing. The smell (orginal german wording: ‘Ruch’) of corruption will not get rid of Moustafa ever since.

(Translation: private)

20.1.10 SPIEGEL Online:
Handball-Präsident Moustafa umschmeichelt Europas Top-Clubs,1518,672952,00.html

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