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On 29.5.2010 the 3rd General Assembly of FORUM CLUB HANDBALL – THE HEART OF THE GAME elected the following persons into office:

FCH Board (Club body)

Board member Nation ranked No 1: Dierk Schmaeschke/Hamburg (Deputy: Volker Zerbe/Lemgo)

Board member Nation ranked No 2: Joan Marin/Ciudad Real (Deputy: Xavier O’Callaghan/Barcelona)

Board member Nation ranked No 3-6: Jens Boesen/Kolding (Deputy: Robert Molines/Montpellier)

Board member Nation ranked No 7-12: Tomaz Jersic/Celje (Deputy: Ante Ancic/Zagreb)

Board member Nation ranked No 13-49: Board member: Radek Wasiak/Kielce (Deputy: Knut Waage/Fyllingen)

President: Tomaz Jersic/Celje

Vice-President: Joan Marin/Ciudad Real

Vice-President: Dierk Schmaeschke/Hamburg

Board member: Jens Boesen/Kolding

Board member: Radek Wasiak/Kielce

Managing Director: Dr. Gerd Butzeck

Men’s Club Marketing Board (EHFM body)

Holger Kaiser/Flensburg (new, replacing Volker Zerbe/Lemgo)

Xavier O’Callaghan/Barcelona

Ante Ancic/Zagreb

Tomaz Jersic/Celje

Jens Boesen/Kolding

Men’s Club Committee (EHF body)

Joan Marin/Ciudad Real

Uli Derad/Kiel (new, replacing M. Werner/German League)

Radek Wasiak/Kielce (new, replacing Vasile Stinga)

Robert Molines/Montpellier

Peter Leutwyler/Kadetten

Professional Handball Board (new body)

Joan Marin/Ciudad Real

Dr. Gerd Butzeck/Managing Director FCH

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