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The 14th General Assembly of Women Forum Club Handball with elections took place on 30th May 2021 in Budapest.  

A new Board was elected as follows:

ELECTIONS Part I/Board members:

  1. Election Board Member Nation ranked 1 (HUN)


Zsolt Ákos Jeney/Ferencvaros 

Tamas Szabo/Györ  

2. Election Board Member Nation ranked 2 (RUS)


Anton Revenko/Rostov


3. Election 4 Board Members Nation ranked 3-9 (DEN, ROU, FRA, NOR, MNE, GER, CRO)


DEN Thomas Hylle/Esbjerg  

FRA Nicolas Roue/Brest  

NOR Per Geir Lovstad/Vipers  

ROM Alexandru Nitisor/Valcea  

4. Election 2 Board Members Nation ranked 10-18 (SWE, SLO, CZE, POL, TUR, MKD, ESP, BLR, SRB)


SLO Deja Ivanovic/Mercator  

SWE Emil Berggren/Savehof

5. Election 1 Board Member Nations ranked 19-30 (AUT, ITA, GRE, SUI, SVK, NED, AZE, UKR, CYP, FIN, ISL, ISR, KOS)


AUT Gerhard Haidvogel/Hypo  

6.Election 1 Board member ‘EHF Cup Ranking’ ranked 1-20 (POR, LTU, BEL, BIH, GBR, LUX, ALB, AND, ARM, BUL, EST, FAR, GEO, IRL, LAT, LIE,  MDA, MLT, MON)


          GBR Diaraye Diallo/London  

ELECTIONS Part II/Office holders:


  1. Election of the FCH President

Elected: Tamas Szabo/Györ

  1. Election of the 2 FCH Vice-Presidents

No candidates

2. Election of the FCH-Treasurer

No candidates

3.Election of the FCH-Comptroller

Elected: Jens Genge/Blomberg


4. Election of the 2 WHB-representatives


Deja Ivanovic/Krim

Radmila Petrovic/Buducnost

5. Election of the EHF Competitions Commission member


Thomas Hylle/Team Esbjerg


6.         Election of the 5 WCB-representatives


Zsolt Ákos Jeney/Chairperson

Nicolas Roue

Per Geir Lovstad

Gerd Haidvogel

Emil Berggren

7.         Election of the EHFM comptroller

Elected: Per Geir Lovstad/Vipers

8.         Election of the WFCH representative in the EHF/M-FCH Evaluation Group

Elected: Martin Albertsen – no club representative

Remark: The chairperson of the WCB will represent FCH in the EHFM Advisory Board in the future.

Congratulations to elected FCH Board members and office holders!

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