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For the first time in history a Club Representative was invited as guest to an IHF Congress. The assembly had to decide upon a lot of important motions. GCH President Joan Marin (BM Renovalia Ciudad Real) was present.


The assembly did not include the stakeholders (Continental Federations, National Federations, Clubs, Referees, Trainers, Officials, Players, Medical Staff) in the bylaws.

In the future IHF will hold all rights of qualification matches for World Championships (WCH) and Olympic Games.

The assembly refused to enable IHF to open branches and subsidiaries abroad. In the past IHF had some discussions about an office in Cairo.

 USA Team Handball requested to establish a ‘North American&Caribbean Handball Federation’, recognized as a continental federation. The proposal was rejected.

 The Head Office will not be ‘placed under the political responsibility of the IHF President’. An according Council motion was rejected.

 A Norwegian proposal for a women quote was rejected.

 In the future the President will be ‘a full-time salaried President’. The IHF Council will negotiate the labor contract.

 The position of the Secretary General was extinguished.

 A major proposal, increasing the power of the President, was not approved.

 Under 14.1. Executive Committee – Executive Committee Duties the IHF Council proposed:

 7. The President is primarily responsible for:

a. implementing the decisions passed by the Congress, the Council and the Executive Committee

b. supervising the work of the Head Office;

c. relations between IHF stakeholders.

d. the financial transactions

e. presiding over the Congress, the Council, the Executive Committee and emergency committee meetings and those committees he has been appointed to be the chairman of.

f. In case of urgent business, the President shall make decisions between Council and Executive Committee meetings. If such a decision has to be taken without any possibility to consult the Executive Committee members, it will be submitted to the first Council or Executive Committee meeting following the said decision for confirmation.

g. Any additional responsibilities of the President shall be included in the internal organisation regulations of the IHF.

This motion was totally rejected.

 Some federations (eg Germany) did not attend the Congress due to an bomb explosion in Marrakesh earlier this month. GB

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