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Date: 2022.05.23 | Category: EHF, Forum Club Handball, IHF | Response: 0

The 16th General Assembly of Forum Club Handball (women’s clubs) and the 26th General Assembly of FCH (men’s clubs) will take place in June on the fringes of the EHF Champions League Final4 events in Budapest/women’s clubs on 5.6.22 and in Cologne/men’s clubs on 19.6.22.

FCH invited the President of the International Handball Federation (IHF), Dr. Hassan Moustafa. FCH and IHF intend to sign the prolongation of  their Partnership agreement during these meetings.

The host of both Final4 events, Michael Wiederer, President of the European Handball Federation, will address the participants and inform on the latest developments in European Handball.  

In Cologne the Japanese Handball association will be represented by Yoshihide Watanabe, acting President of Asian Handball Federation and Honorable Chairman of Japan Handball Association, Roland Nemes., Councilor, International Relations, Japan Handball Association and Yoshiki Hirabayashi, Secretary General of the Japan Handball Association.

FCH and the JHA intend to sign a Memorandum of Understanding, promoting the cooperation between European and Japanese top clubs.

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FCH started to discuss the relationship between Player agents and Clubs in 2020. In December 2020 the 23rd FCH General Assembly decided: ‘FCH Member clubs do not pay for the services of an agent in international transfers if the agent already has been mandated by the player.’  

This decision of European top clubs was discussed in the various bodies of EHF and EHFM, such as Men’s Club Board, Advisory Board, Professional Handball Board and EHF Executive Committee.

As all EHF/M bodies supported the initiative of FCH, it was decided to implement the idea into the IHF Regulations for Transfers. Discussions on various levels with IHF took place. A new wording of the regulations was worked out and finally confirmed by the IHF Council.

The key sentence of the new regulation: ‘A third party (= Player agent) shall not intervene for more than one party in a transfer and must be remunerated only by the party in question.

As of 1st July 2022 a player, who has authorized a Player agent to represent his interests, shall remunerate his Player agent.

Clubs shall no longer reimburse the Player’s agent, if the agent represents the interests of the player.

Date: 2021.10.14 | Category: EHF, Forum Club Handball, IHF, WOMEN Handball | Response: 0

The ordinary October Board meeting of Men’s and Women’s Forum took place in Spain on 4th and 5th Oct 2021. Only one of the 25 Board members was not able to attend the meeting. The newly elected Presidents Xavier O’Callaghan (men) and Tamas Szabo (women) welcomed EHF President M. Wiederer as guest. He was accompanied by EHFM Managing Director David Szlezak and Nina Kernmayer.

For the first time ever a Non-European Board member participated in the meeting: Shkumbin ‘Bini’ Mustafa, the President of New York City Handball Club. Also for the first time ever two English representatives were present: Theo Bougouin/London GD (men) and Diaraye Diallo/Olympia London (women).

Further new office holders in the Men’s Forum: Jennifer Kettemann/Rhein-Neckar-Lion (EHFM Finance inspection), Thierry Omeyer/PSG (Board member), Julien Deljarry /Montpellier (Board member), Jan Larsen/Aalborg (Board member), Vedran Supukovic/Zagreb (Board member) and Igor Levshin/Moscow (Deputy Men’s Club Board).

Further new office holders in the Women’s Forum: Alexander Savinow/Moscow (Board member), Alexandru Nitisor/Valcea (Board member), Emil Berggren/Savehof (Board member and WCB member), Jens Genge/Blomberg-Herrentrup (FCH Comptroller) and Radmila Petrovic/Buducnost (WHB member).

The Men’s and the Women’s Forum discussed the situation in the various European Cups. Whilst the media situation is improving, the marketing situation is not satisfying.

Men’s and Women’s Forum prolonged their cooperation until 30th June 2026. The contract of FCH Managing Director Gerd Butzeck was extended till the same date. Nina Kernmayer was appointed to represent the interests of both organizations in the daily business of EHF Marketing GmbH

The Board was entitled to negotiate a prolongation of the ‘Partnership Agreement’ with the International Handball Federation until 2026.

At the end of the Women’s Forum meeting President Tamas Szabo resigned from his position due to administrative mistakes during the elections.

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A new record attendance is expected for the 22nd General Assembly of Forum Club Handball, taking place in ClarionSign Hotel in Stockholm on 24th January 2020. 54 clubs from 29 countries registered more than 80 participants. Jointly the club representatives will attend the Semifinals of the EHF EURO 2020.

In the meeting information on the upcoming changes will be provided. As of season 20/21 there will be significant increase of revenues for the participants in the various European Cup competitions.

IHF President Dr. Hassan Moustafa is expected to address the participants with a welcome speech.

Date: 2017.11.11 | Category: Forum Club Handball, IHF | Response: 0

On the fringes of the IHF-Congress, taking place in Belek/Turkey at the moment, for the first time ever FORUM CLUB HANDBALL and IHF signed a partnership agreement.

The document was signed by Women’s Forum President Zsolt Akos Jeney, Men’s Forum President Xavier O’Callaghan and IHF President Dr. Hassan Moustafa. It regulates the relationship between European top clubs and IHF on issues concerning release of players to the National team, compensation, insurance, calendar and others.

In the same congress IHF implemented clubs as stakeholder into the IHF statutes. FCH member clubs will receive full information on the partnership agreement in the upcoming General Assemblies in Hamburg and Zagreb.  GB

Date: 2017.02.09 | Category: Forum Club Handball, IHF, WOMEN Handball | Response: 0

IHF-President Hassan Moustafa met with the FCH Presidents Xavier O’Callaghan/FC Barcelona (Men) and Zsolt Akos Jeney/Ferencvaros Budapest (Women) in autumn 2016.

During the meeting the parties agreed to sign an agreement about future cooperation. In the meantime a first draft was produced by the Managing Directors of IHF and FCH. The result will be presented to the General Assemblies of FCH in Budapest (May) and Cologne (June). If the club representatives confirm the content of the agreement, the signing could take place during the next IHF Congress in November 2017.

Date: 2016.11.11 | Category: EHF, Forum Club Handball, GCH, IHF | Response: 0

10th anniversary of Forum Club Handball

The 10th anniversary of FCH was celebrated on the fringes of the ordinary board meetings of the Men’s and the Women’s Forum Club Handball in Spain on 6th November 2016.

FCH President Xavier O’Callaghan welcomed the guests, among them from the International Handball Federation President Dr. Hassan Moustafa, from the European Handball Federation President Jean Brihault and Secretary General Michael Wiederer, from the European Professional Handball Leagues Association President Frank Bohmann, from Euroleague Basketball Elisendra Salrach, from Women’s FCH President Zsolt Akos Jeney and the former FCH Presidents Tomaz Jersic and Joan Marin.

During a reception the guests were interviewed and described their relation to Forum Club Handball. In the following dinner Xavier O’Callaghan highlighted the situation in 2006 which lead to the foundation of the FCH predecessor Group Club Handball. Jean Brihault emphasized the unity of the handball family: There is no ‘you’ and ‘we’, there is only an ‘us’. Hassan Moustafa stressed in his speech the importance of the clubs for the handball system and showed his willingness to communicate with the clubs on a regular basis.  

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On invitation of IHF President Dr. Hassan Moustafa the Presidents of FCH Xavier O’Callaghan/men (accompanied by his Vice-Presidents Bert Servaas and Dierk Schmäschke) and Zsolt Akos Jeney/women visited the IHF headquarter in Basel. The IHF President informed the club representatives about the positive picture of handball during the Olympics in Brazil and about various IHF projects such as the ‘former players project’. The club representatives expressed the wish to base the relation between Clubs and IHF on a contractual basis, as it is common practice in football or between EHF and FCH. The meeting took place in a good atmosphere. Xavier O’Callaghan invited the IHF President to the celebrations on occasion of the 10th aniversary of FORUM CLUB HANDBALL in November 2016.

Date: 2016.08.18 | Category: IHF | Response: 0

During the top nations and top clubs Meeting in Copenhagen/Denmark the President of the International Handball Federation (IHF) invited FCH-representatives to a meeting in Basel. The meeting will take place on 30th August 2016. GB

Date: 2016.01.08 | Category: EU Commission, IHF, WOMEN Handball | Response: 0

Scandal on the fringes of the Women World Championship in Denmark 2015: The well-known and highly qualified female German official Jutta Ehrmann-Wolf complained in various interviews about the fact that she was not  nominated for the tournament due to her sexual orientation. Jutta Ehrmann-Wolf is married to a women. According to her statement she received this clear and unambiguous message from a Council member of the International Handball Federation (IHF); the family situation is not accepted by the President of the IHF, Dr. Hassan Moustafa.

The same holds true for Spanish  Carmen Manchado, also a well-known and highly qualified delegate.

According to the official IHF version, both delegates are not nominated ‘due to technical reasons’.

According to the understanding of Women FCH this behavior of the IHF is directed against Olympic values and principles. Today all international federations face a lack of female officials. Usually they try to include as many of them as possible in women competitions. Without any doubt the decision of the IHF is directed against the attempts to achieve gender equality in sports.

The Board of Women Forum Club Handball has decided to take position against this type of discrimination and expressed full support to Mrs. Jutta Ehrmann-Wolf/GER and Mrs. Carmen Manchado/ESP.

On behalf of Women Forum Club Handball, President E. Kelescenyi/HUN filed a complaint to the President of the International Olympic Committee:  “We strongly believe in the Olympic idea and in Dr. Thomas Bach as a person. We believe that he will take appropriate measures to exclude similar discrimination in the future!”