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For a very long time European Top Clubs tried to reach an agreement with International Handball Federation (IHF) on issues like ‚Good governance‘, calendar, compensation and insurance – without any success. During the last months IHF did not even reply on FCH letters or an invitation to a personal meeting.

Now the clubs decided to take action: a number of German clubs will lodge a complaint against IHF (for formal reasons the German Federation will be included). ‘Up to today we have no formal information about the compensation which we will receive from IHF for sending our players to the World Championship in Spain’ stated a club official during the FCH meeting which took place on the fringes of the World Championship in Barcelona on 26.1.13. The clubs complained about a lack of respect of IHF. ‘We are the heart of the game. We are paying the players. We are doing the work. They take our players whenever they want, they earn a lot of money and refuse speaking to us’ – the opinion of the 40 club representatives from 25 countries was more than clear.

According to the statutes of the IHF the clubs are not existing. The complaint intends to improve the situation of the clubs. ‘We are comparing our situation to football’, says FCH President Tomaz Jersic/Slovenia. ‘And we want our relation to be based on written agreement – as we did with European Handball Federation (EHF)!’ Clubs and EHF signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MoU) in May 2010.

In football the European Club Association (ECA) has reached agreements with UEFA and FIFA. Clubs are represented in the bodies of UEFA and FIFA.

The IHF will be adjudged to refrain from obligating the clubs in the scope of their currently valid regulations to release their employed foreign handball players upon demand of their respective national federations for National team matches. The complaint will be lodged as soon as possible.

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