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The ordinary Board meeting season 14/15 took place in Spain on 20. Oct 2014. It was a historical meeting in two aspects: For the first time ever the leadership of the Men’s and the Women’s Forum met in order to share experiences during a common dinner and for the first time ever an IHF guest attend FCH: the 1. Vice-President Miguel Roca.

In the first part of the meeting the board of FCH dealt with reports and ordinary business. Radek Wasiak/Kielce was nominated FCH representative of the EHF Competition Commission.

In the second part the FCH lawyers Prof Duvinage and Dr. Heesch informed on the complaint, lodged by 17 Bundesliga-Clubs against the German Federation (DHB) and the International Handball Federation (IHF). The Clubs won the first instance.

The court Landgericht Dortmund decided the following: For the German Handball Federation DHB and the Internationale Handball Föderation (IHF) it is prohibited

a)  to oblige the plaintiffs to release their foreign National team player employees to the according National Teams and/or

b)  in case that the plaintiffs do not act according to the request oft he foreign National Federation to punish the plaintiffs or to enforce the punishment of the plaintiffs

The third part was devoted to the discussion with the IHF representative which took place in a positive athmosphere. FCH welcomed the initiative of the IHF Council to limit the number of national team days to 60 per year. Anyhow it was stated that the IHF Council has the right to change this regulation at any time. Roca underlined that this was the first official meeting between IHF and FCH, the World Federation and the Clubs are on a good way. From his point of view it should be possible to come to a written agreement in the near future. Further contacts were envisaged.

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