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GCH took notice of the statement of IHF President Hassan Moustafa regarding the World Selection match in Croatia, published on 12.11.2009 (see text below).

The member clubs of GCH refused to send players to this match, as there was no agreement achieved upon date, insurance and compensation between clubs and federations. In the future according negotiations should be led in due time prior to the event, taking in account the justified interests of the clubs.  

The clubs offered/offer their support to the Croatian Federation in order to find a appropriate date for the match.

GCH acknowledges that the IHF President for the first time expressed his ‘deepest respect towards the strong European Clubs’ which is not in line with earlier statements, made by Hassan Moustafa, for example during the ‘Competitions Conference in Vienna’ in April 2008.

Up to today, IHF repeatedly refused to speak to clubs, arguing that the clubs are no members of the International Handball Federation.

GCH is working on the improvement of the structure of European Handball in close cooperation with EHF and ready to start according negotiations on international level at any time. GB

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