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The 11th Ordinary Congress of the EHF took place in Monte Carlo on 22/23.6.12.

Jean Brihault/France was elected President and Arne Elovsson as Vice-President. A ‘Women’s Handball Board’ was introduced, underlining the importance of women in Handball. Poland (men) and Sweden (women) were awarded with the European Championship in 2016.

In 2004 the EHF congress elected 28 officials, 4 years later 38 and in 2012 a record number of 49 officials! The exact results you find on the EHF webpage.

Interesting detail: Germany and Spain did not succeed to place their candidates in the government of European Handball, the EHF Executive Committee.

German Reiner Witte (Vice-President of the German Federation, President of the German League, President of the European Professional Handball League Association and PHB member) failed twice, first trying to become Vice-President, later to become ordinary Executive Committee member.

Spanish Jesus Guerrero also failed twice, first trying to become member of the Executive Committee, later to become chairman of the important Competitions Commission.

Surprisingly Pedrag Boskovic from Montenegro became Executive Committee member, with the record number of 19 votes! Helgo Magnusdottir from Island became the first lady in this important body.

Slovenian Leopold Kalin, the brother of IHF Competition Commission chairman Leon Kalin, was elected as chairman of the EHF Competition Commission. He won the election against Spanish Jesus Guerrero.

Makedonian Dragan Nachevski became successor of Hungarian Sandor Andorka as chief of European refereeing. In the second ballot he defeated Jiri Konecny from Chekia.

Congratulations to all elected officials! GB

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