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During its 8th ordinary meeting the Professional Handball Board (PHB) of the European Handball Federation (EHF) dealt with IHF matters. As discussed earlier in this blog, the IHF tried to force European Top Clubs to sign a declaration which obliges the clubs to communicate with IHF via the National Federations only. IHF underlined in various letters that compensation will be paid out only on receipt of this declaration. This letters stated repeatedly that an according decision had been taken by the IHF council. The big majority of European Top Clubs refused to sign this declaration.

According to the minutes of the last IHF Council meeting, an according decision had never been taken. The according sentence in the minutes was deleted.

The club representatives in the PHB demanded a clear statement of the PHB on the issue. All PHB members, the player representatives, the league representatives, the club representatives, the National Federations representatives and the EHF representatives strongly supported the club position and signed a letter to IHF President Hassan Moustafa, demanding ‘the immediate payment to the clubs of the compensation money due to them for release of the players to the 2013 men’s World Championship. The payment … is to be affected … by 1 April 2013 at the latest.

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