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Date: 2022.04.04 | Category: IHF, Professional Handball Board (PHB) | Response: 0

FCH started to discuss the relationship between Player agents and Clubs in 2020. In December 2020 the 23rd FCH General Assembly decided: ‘FCH Member clubs do not pay for the services of an agent in international transfers if the agent already has been mandated by the player.’  

This decision of European top clubs was discussed in the various bodies of EHF and EHFM, such as Men’s Club Board, Advisory Board, Professional Handball Board and EHF Executive Committee.

As all EHF/M bodies supported the initiative of FCH, it was decided to implement the idea into the IHF Regulations for Transfers. Discussions on various levels with IHF took place. A new wording of the regulations was worked out and finally confirmed by the IHF Council.

The key sentence of the new regulation: ‘A third party (= Player agent) shall not intervene for more than one party in a transfer and must be remunerated only by the party in question.

As of 1st July 2022 a player, who has authorized a Player agent to represent his interests, shall remunerate his Player agent.

Clubs shall no longer reimburse the Player’s agent, if the agent represents the interests of the player.

Date: 2021.10.14 | Category: Forum Club Handball, Professional Handball Board (PHB) | Response: 0

During the first meeting of the newly elected EHF Professional Handball Board, FCH President Xavier O’Callaghan was elected as chairman. This EHF body serves as platform for the exchange and coordination of the various stakeholders in Professional Handball, such as clubs, players, leagues , National federations and European Handball Federation. Being chair of the PHB, O’Callaghan becomes automatically member of the EHF Executive Committee.

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On 9th October 2018 the EHF Professional Handball Board (PHB) held it 21st meeting. The PHB takes care of all matters concerning professional handball and consists out of 2 player representatives, 2 league representatives, 2 Nations representatives, two club representatives, 2 EHF representatives, the EHF President and the EHF Secretary General. The chairman of the PHB represents the group in the EHF Executive Committee. The former PHB chairman (and President of FCH) Xavier O’Callaghan had to resign from his position, as he changed his job inside FC Barcelona and moved to New York. FCH Vice-President Gregor Planteu will represent FCH in the PHB together with FCH Managing Director Gerd Butzeck in the future. The PHB elected Gerd Butzeck to become new chairman of the EHF body.

Date: 2017.04.06 | Category: Other Sports, Professional Handball Board (PHB) | Response: 0

The UEFA Congress in Helsinki took basic decisions regarding the role of the clubs in the football pyramide. As of now the European Club Association (ECA), the partner organization of FORUM CLUB HANDBALL (FCH) in Football, will have two seats in the UEFA Executive Committee.

In Handball the clubs do not have a direct representation in the EHF Executive Committee, but they are represented via the chairmanship in the Professional Handball Board (PHB). FCH President Xavier O’Callaghan represents the interests of the top European Handball clubs.

UEFA President Ceferin identified a calendar problem in football which he would like to solve by involving FIFA. The ConFedCup and the Club World Championship are not indispensable.

Although the clubs were integrated into the UEFA system, Ceferin stated that the clubs are not the only ones, who care about football. UEFA must be the instance, to look after fair balance inside the football family. UEFA needs to earn money to deliver it to federations and clubs.  

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During its 8th ordinary meeting the Professional Handball Board (PHB) of the European Handball Federation (EHF) dealt with IHF matters. As discussed earlier in this blog, the IHF tried to force European Top Clubs to sign a declaration which obliges the clubs to communicate with IHF via the National Federations only. IHF underlined in various letters that compensation will be paid out only on receipt of this declaration. This letters stated repeatedly that an according decision had been taken by the IHF council. The big majority of European Top Clubs refused to sign this declaration.

According to the minutes of the last IHF Council meeting, an according decision had never been taken. The according sentence in the minutes was deleted.

The club representatives in the PHB demanded a clear statement of the PHB on the issue. All PHB members, the player representatives, the league representatives, the club representatives, the National Federations representatives and the EHF representatives strongly supported the club position and signed a letter to IHF President Hassan Moustafa, demanding ‘the immediate payment to the clubs of the compensation money due to them for release of the players to the 2013 men’s World Championship. The payment … is to be affected … by 1 April 2013 at the latest.

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The European Handball Players Union (EHPU) made a statement on the participation of Handball in the upcoming European Games in Baku 2015. The key sentence: ‘Player unions do not want handball to be part of the European Games without a clear reduction in the number of International competitions.’ This statement corrensponds to the earlier statement of FCH.

Date: 2012.12.14 | Category: EHF, Forum Club Handball, Professional Handball Board (PHB) | Response: 0

The European Olympic Committee (EOC) decided to establish European Games (EG) – similar to existing Asian Games or PanAmerican Games. About 13 Olympic and 2 Non Olympic Sports are supposed to participate. Handball and Beach Handball are potential candidates for the first edition which will take place in Baku 2015.

The European Handball Federation (EHF) informed the stakeholders during the last PHB meetings about the ongoing contacts with EOC. Former EHF President Tor Lian was member of a working group.

The board of Forum Club Handball (FCH) consulted on the issue during a conference call today. FCH strictly refuses to increase the number of big competitions from currently 5 (2 World Championships (WCH), 2 European Championships (ECH) and 1 Olympic Games) to 6 competitions. The invention of the EG must lead to a reduction with a maximum number of 4 competitions (1 ECH, 1 WCH, 1 EG and 1 OG) in 4 years. ‘We need to agree a plan with EHF and IHF, how to reduce the total number of competitions’, demanded FCH President Tomaz Jersic ‘Without written consent on a global reduction we can not support Handball in European Games. Additional revenues, generated by the EG, must be in invested in the promotion of our sport. According decisions have to be taken jointly by EHF and Clubs.’

Date: 2012.12.13 | Category: EHF, Professional Handball Board (PHB) | Response: 0

The 41st General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees (EOC) decided in Rome on Saturday, 8 December 2012, that the first European Games will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan in June 2015.

Former EHF President Tor Lian was member of a working group, producing a feasibility study for the European Games. The Professional Handball Board (PHB) was informed about the ongoing negotiations.

EHF President Jean Brihault gave a remarkable on the issue (you find the full version on the What role has the EHF played in the development of the European Games?

Jean Brihault: The EOC has said from the start that it wanted handball to be part of the project, and following a meeting with the leadership of the project in Lausanne, the EHF Secretary General, Michael Wiederer, and I made it clear that the EHF is interested in this new project.

We have also put forward the idea that we include not only indoor handball but also beach handball in the Games. I am pleased to say that this has been positively received by the EOC.

At this stage, based on the agreement of the EHF Executive and the Professional Handball Board (made up of representatives of the national federations, professional leagues, clubs and players) we have signed a letter of intent to say handball is interested in continuing to work with the EOC towards the inclusion of the sport in the Games.

The future inclusion of handball in the Games is as yet by no means certain. We have underlined the fact that that certain criteria and standards need to be met if the sport is to join the programme of the Games. What does the European Games mean for the international calendar in the future?

Jean Brihault: Naturally the international calendar is an important consideration, and it is clear – and the message from our various stakeholders is also clear – that a European Games cannot add to the workload of players in the future.

Assuming a first event is a success, we will have to look at how the European Games will fit into handball’s calendar of events. What does the European Games mean for European handball?

We are still in negotiation with the EOC, but I can imagine the event in 2015 being played initially with eight men’s and eight women’s teams in indoor handball and eight men’s and eight women’s teams in beach handball. From the start both the men’s and women’s competitions event must be organised on an equal footing.

Date: 2012.11.26 | Category: EHF, Forum Club Handball, Professional Handball Board (PHB) | Response: 0

On 19th November 2012 the Professional Handball Board (PHB) discussed the latest developments in the VELUX EHF Championsleague (CL). The FORUM CLUB HANDBALL representatives demanded a joint approach of EHF, National Federations, Leagues and Clubs to work on the improvement of the product CL and the increase of the number of spectators in the arenas. TV ratings have to be improved. The EHF Executive Committee was requested to design individual solutions for the various markets.

Date: 2012.11.15 | Category: Forum Club Handball, Professional Handball Board (PHB) | Response: 0

The Professional Handball Board, composed out of two representatives from Players, Clubs, Leagues, National Federations and EHF, elected Joan Marin from BM Atletico Madrid until 2014 as chairman. The chairman of the PHB becomes automatically ordinary member of the EHF Executive Committee. The spanyard is currently also Vice-President of FCH. GB