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FCH started to discuss the relationship between Player agents and Clubs in 2020. In December 2020 the 23rd FCH General Assembly decided: ‘FCH Member clubs do not pay for the services of an agent in international transfers if the agent already has been mandated by the player.’  

This decision of European top clubs was discussed in the various bodies of EHF and EHFM, such as Men’s Club Board, Advisory Board, Professional Handball Board and EHF Executive Committee.

As all EHF/M bodies supported the initiative of FCH, it was decided to implement the idea into the IHF Regulations for Transfers. Discussions on various levels with IHF took place. A new wording of the regulations was worked out and finally confirmed by the IHF Council.

The key sentence of the new regulation: ‘A third party (= Player agent) shall not intervene for more than one party in a transfer and must be remunerated only by the party in question.

As of 1st July 2022 a player, who has authorized a Player agent to represent his interests, shall remunerate his Player agent.

Clubs shall no longer reimburse the Player’s agent, if the agent represents the interests of the player.

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