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In German HANDBALLWOCHE No 21, dated 19.05.09, EHF Secretary General Michael Wiederer is quoted with the statement that the Managing Director of GROUP CLUB HANDBALL EEIG, Gerd Butzeck, has lodged a complaint with the European Commission in Brussels, in order to have more say regarding planning, organisation and marketing of international competitions and that this complaint was unknown to his own organisation.

Herewith I would to correct as follows:
The complaint of GCH with the European Commission was lodged by the Belgium lawyer Jean-Louis Dupont on behalf of GCH on 01.04.2009. Mr. Dupont received the according order/authorization from GCH – which means from my organisation – on 19.02.09. The order/authorization is signed by the Spanish President of GCH, Mr. Joan Marin.

The order is based on an according board decision, dated 12.02.09.

Gerd Butzeck/General Manager GCH

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