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IHF: Seven GCH Member Clubs refuse to release players to a match of the World Selection

The International Handball Federation (IHF) scheduled a match on occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Croatian Handball Federation between the Croatian National Team and a World Selection on 2nd December 2009 in Zagreb.

The date, the insurance of the player salaries in favour of the clubs in case of injury and the compensation to the clubs for release of players was not agreed between the concerned clubs

BM Ciudad Real – Sterbik+Enterrios (GCH Member Club)

SG Flensburg – Knudsen+Christiansen (GCH Member Club)

HSV Hamburg – Gille+Lijevski+Lindbergh+Bitter (GCH Member Club)

Kadetten Handball – Filip (GCH Member Club)

THW Kiel – Omeyer+Narcisse+Jicha+Ahlm (GCH Member Club)

TBV Lemgo – Kraus (GCH Member Club)

HB Montpellier – Karabatic+Kavticnik+Gigou+Hmam (GCH Member Club)

Rhein-Neckar-Lions – Stefansson+Sigurdsson (GCH Member Club)

and IHF prior to the event.

Today the clubs informed IHF and the Croatian Federation that they will not release the players to the match. Important matches of the national leagues in Germany, France and Switzerland are scheduled close to 2nd of December.

The clubs added that they consider not to release any players to IHF events in the future, if the mentioned points are not agreed prior to the event between clubs and IHF.    GB

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