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The 12th ordinary General Assembly of GROUP CLUB HANDBALL EEIG took place in Madrid on 2nd November 2009.  

Joan Marin/BM Ciudad Real und Xavi O’Callaghan/FC Barcelona were re-elected unanimously as President and Deputy President of GROUP CLUB HANDBALL EEIG.

The assembly discussed the results of the Limassol EHF-Congress in detail, especially Motion No 5, regarding the invention of a ‘Professional Handball Board’. The motion was supported by 22 nations, but 10 votes were missing for the required 2/3 majority (21 against, 4 abstentions).

For the second time the Executive Committee tried to involve the clubs in the structure of European Handball and for the second time (first time in Rome 2007) the according motion did not achieve the required majority the EHF highest body.

As a reaction the General Assembly of GCH confirmed the complaint, lodged with the European Commission on 1.4.2009 unanimously.

Anyhow GCH is ready to continue the dialogue, started with the EHF Executive Committee. GCH-President Joan Marin will attend the next ExCo meeting in Kopenhagen on 20th November 2009 and inform about the position of the clubs.

The General Assembly discussed the invitations, received by players of GCH member clubs for the match between the Croatian National Team and a World Selection, scheduled on 2nd December 2009. The date, the insurance and the compensation for release of players were not agreed between IHF and clubs. The date is not acceptable, as important matches in the national leagues take place around this date. The clubs agreed to take common action in this matter. More information will follow on 6.11.09. GB

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