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Date: 2010.07.29 | Category: GCH | Response: 0

On 26.7.2010 a GCH World Selection played against Rhein-Neckar-Lions at SAP-Arena in Mannheim/Germany. The revenues of this match were donated to the family of Oleg Veliky. The former Ukrainian and German international passed away earlier this year.

During their last ordinary General Assembly the GCH member clubs agreed to send one player each to the match without any compensation. In front of 8.500 spectators the GCH World Selection, led by coach Juri Chevstov, won by 34-31.

The GCH  team list: Landin, Alilović – Seib (2), Iváncsik (3), Harbok (1), Schwarzer (5), Shelmenko, Filip (6/3), Jurasik (3/1), Stephan, Klimovets (3), Spellerberg, Zeitz, Karabatić (3), Hens, Nikolić (2), Balić (4), Kretzschmar (1/1), Richardson. GB

Date: 2010.07.09 | Category: EHF, Euroleague Handball | Response: 0

On the edges of the EHF Chamionsleague Final4 Domingo Diaz de Mera, President and main Sponsor of the 3 times Championsleague winner BM Ciudad Real, gave an interview to Deutsche Handballwoche (No 27, published on 6.7.2010).

In the interview de Mera expressed the wish that the new Professional Handball Board (PHB) will organize a European League, according to the example of the American Basketball League NBA.

De Mera already presented this idea to GROUP CLUB HANDBALL EEIG (GCH) member clubs in 2008.

In the same interview the Spanish entrepreneur acknowledges the results of the work of GCH which are fixed in the ‘Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)’, signed by EHF and FORUM CLUB HANDBALL (FCH) on 30.5.2010: ‘Clubs will better represented inside EHF in the future, they will have influence on the calendar and receive their share of the financial success of the federations’. GB

Date: 2010.07.08 | Category: EU Commission | Response: 0

ASOBAL announced the withdrawl of the complaint, lodged with the European Commission in March 2009. The basis for the withdrawl of the complaint is the agreement, achieved between Clubs and European Federation, regarding the compensation for release of players to the National Team. GB

Detailed infomation:

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On the fringes of the EHF Championsleague Final 4 weekend (29/30.5) the board of GCH prolongued the contract of Managing Director Dr. Gerd Butzeck. The new contract is valid for four years until 30.6.2014. GB