Monthly Archives: November, 2020

Date: 2020.11.30 | Category: Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

Due to the Corona restrictions the 23rd General Assembly of Forum Club Handball will take place via ZOOM call on 29th December 2020 from 9:30h – 14:00h. The FCH member clubs are requested to contact the FCH office in order to receive the link for the meeting. More Infos, see: MEN Forum Club Handball, Next General Assembly

Date: 2020.11.27 | Category: Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

For a couple of years FCH follows the development of the relationship between clubs and player agents in various sports. Various initiatives in Handball, Football and other sports which tried to regulate the activities of agents remained without positive result,

Licensing systems were invented and ignored, as agents always have the possibility to cooperate with lawyers. As a consequence they do not need a license.

Today usually player agents represent the interests of players and get paid by the club. In the future the agents shall be paid by the player, if they represent the interests of the player.

This proposal was developed by the FCH Board and will be discussed during the next FCH General Assembly end of December. If the proposal is supported by the clubs, it will be forwarded to the various bodies of European Handball Federation. The new system shall start in July 2021, but clubs shall apply the new way of acting as of January 2021.