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Date: 2012.04.24 | Category: Forum Club Handball, IHF | Response: 0

Surprisingly IHF declared to be unable to discuss a ‘Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)’ with the clubs. The MoU was supposed to base the relation between Clubs and IHF on a solid basis. Only 4 months ago IHF stated the President welcomes the proposal of a MoU and envisaged according negotiations.

According agreements – regulating compensation, insurance and calendar issues – do exist between UEFA and European Club Association (ECA) and between European Handball Federation (EHF) and FCH. The FCH General Assembly will deal with the issue on 27th May 2012 in Cologne. GB

Date: 2012.04.23 | Category: IHF | Response: 0

The International Handball Federation (IHF) established an insurance for player salaries in case of injury for the last World Championship/Sweden 2011 and for the Olympic Games (OG) Qualification Tournament in April 2012. IHF does not plan to write an insurance for the OG in London 2012. A high IHF Official confirmed last week: ‘This will be under the responsibility of the National Olympic Committees’. GB

Date: 2012.04.16 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

The first seminar for Handball Club Managers will take place in Cologne/Germany from 24.5 to 26.6.2012.

All European club managers, participating in the various European Cups, will be obliged to attend one seminar within the next 3 years. The seminar is based on the ‘Best practice’ system, granting concrete support to increase the number of spectators and sponsors in handball. At the same time concrete information for daily work in handball will be provided.

Clubs are kindly requested to register as quick as possible ( due to a limited number of available places. Registration will be on ‘first come – first serve’ basis. Deadline for registration: 20.4.12! GB

Date: 2012.04.12 | Category: Other Sports | Response: 0

According to information of InsideWorldFootball (5.4.2012) FIFA decided that the participation in Olympic Games is compulsory for U23 players. According to FIFA this decisions is covered by existing rules that state “a duty to release players exists on the basis of a special decision by the FIFA Executive Committee”. ECA Vice-President Gandini/AC Milan commented that this decision came ‘completely out of the blue’. ECA President Rummenigge/FC Bayern attended a recent FIFA strategy meeting at which the under 23 issue never arose. In Football the Olympic Games are not part of the International Calendar ‘and therefore the participation has never been compulsary’, added Gandini. Obviously FIFA took the decision without discussing the issue with the stakeholders concerned. The ECA board will discuss the FIFA decision during a board meeting in Munich next week.