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Date: 2013.10.22 | Category: Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

The FCH board met for its ordinary meeting in Spain on 14th of October. The major topic of the agenda was the development of the EHF Championsleague. Together with the guests M. Wiederer/Secretary General EHF and M. Glaser/Head Competitions EHF the board discussed possibilities to improve the product ‘VELUX EHF Championsleague’. Mutual consent was achieved that the quality of the matches/events has to be improved. The participants discussed various options, how to increase the attendance in the arenas and the number of TV viewers. A reduction of the number of participants and a licensing system were discussed. The EHF representatives will evaluate the situation together with sponsors and handling agency. Changes are possible as of season 2014/15.

The internal part of the meeting dealt with the prolongation of the EHF-FCH ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MoU), the various wishes related to the number of matches to be played in the Championsleague and the upcoming IHF Congress.

FCH Vice-President Joan Marin, elected as board member Atletico Madrid, was confirmed in his office until the end of the current period. He is proposed to be elected ‘Honorary Member’ during the next General Assembly.

The project ‘Partnerships of top and emerging clubs on European level’ was confirmed. It will be on the agenda of the next FCH General assembly, taking place in Copenhagen on 18th January 2014 (for more details visit our page: Next General Assembly).

Date: 2013.10.17 | Category: Forum Club Handball, IHF | Response: 0

16 Bundesliga Clubs lodged a complaint against German Handball Federation (DHB) and International Handball Federation (IHF) in April 2013 (see our earlier posts on the issue). On 22nd July 2013 the Landgericht Dortmund court delt with the case and envisaged a decision for 16th October 2013. Today the court postponed the decision without mentioning any reasons until 4th December 2013.

Date: 2013.10.11 | Category: IHF | Response: 0

As published on the IHF Website, the World Federation for the first time in history will pay compensation to the Clubs for release of players to the Women IHF World Championship 2013. IHF also wants to establish an insurance programe to protect player salaries. According to our information, IHF did not agree these questions with club representatives. The IHF statutes state clearly that the Clubs are not entitled to receive any compensation. In contrary the clubs are obliged to cover the costs for all necessary insurances.

In April 2013 16 German Bundesliga Clubs lodged a complaint against the German and the World Handball Federation in order to find out whether they have a claim to agree with IHF the conditions for the release of players to the National Team.