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Date: 2015.06.23 | Category: EHF | Response: 0

During the last weekend the EHF-Executive Committee (ExeC) decided upon the participation in the upcoming CL-season/qualification. According to the new playing system, starting next season, EHF split the participation for the season 15/16 in two groups. Group A and B (left half) contain 8 clubs each, group B and C (right half) contain 6 teams each.

Team are allocated according the European Cup system and due to a ‘Catalogue of Criteria’, which is filled out by EHF/M in order to achieve a ranking between the participating teams.

According to the information, given by Markus Glaser during the last FCH-General Assembly, the ‘Catalogue of Criteria’ is a tool to improve the decision taking process. The catalogue is not binding for the Executive Committee.

Before the EHF Executive Committee takes a decision, a proposal is drafted by the EHF Competition department. This proposal is discussed by a ‘Consultation Group’, consisting out of the Chairman of the EHF Competition Commission, the Head of the EHF Competition Department, a EHFM representative and a FCH representative (men’s Clubs only). The ‘Consultation Group’ forwards a final proposal to the ExeC. The ExeC takes the final decision. This may vary from the proposal of the ‘Consultation Group’.

The clubs receive the result of the evaluation of their ‘Catalogue of Criteria’ in order to improve their situation for the future.