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FCH delivered the invitations for the upcoming 14th General Assembly (GA) of Women Forum Club Handball. The meeting will take place in Budapest on 30th May 21. Details: See Women FCH/Next General Assembly.

FCH delivered the invitations for the upcoming 24th General Assembly (GA) of Men’s Forum Club Handball. The meeting will take place in Cologne on 13th June 21. Details: See Men FCH/Next General Assembly.

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For the first time ever a FCH General Assembly took place via ZOOM Video conference call. 54 clubs top clubs from 30 countries participated. For the first time a non-European club participated in the meeting and was admitted as new member: ‘The World’s Handball Club’ from New York City became member of the world’s elite Handball clubs grouping. President Shkumbin Mustafa gave a short presentation on the activities.

As one of the major topics the assembly decided on the future cooperation with agents. It was decided that the clubs do not pay for the services of an agent in international transfers any longer, if the agent represents the interest of a player. This regulation shall start as of 1st July 2021. Existing contracts shall be fulfilled as agreed.

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After the EHF decision to cancel Play-Off matches and Quarterfinals (men) and potentially Quarterfinals (women), the FCH Board decided to change the distribution of bonuses for the participants.

The men’s clubs decided that the bonus of the winner will be reduced by 50% and the bonus of the runner-up will be reduced by 20%. 300.000 Euro will go into a solidarity pot. The guaranteed amounts for the Play-Off matches and the Quarterfinals will be added. The whole amount will be shared equally between all 14 teams, not playing the Play-Offs and the Quarterfinals.

This solidarity payment was confirmed by the 4 participants of the F4: Barcelona, Kiel, Paris and Veszprem.

The women’s clubs decided that (if the Quarterfinals can not be played) the bonuses of F4 participants will be reduced by 100.000 Euro.  The winner will contribute with 33,3%, the runner-up with 26%, the 3rd with 22,2% and the 4th with 18,5%. The winner will  The fix amount is shared equally between all 4 teams which (if the Quarterfinals can not be played) will not go to the F4 event.

Solidarity was shown by Brest, Esbjerg, Györ and Metz.

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The 22th General Assembly of Forum Club Handball (men) will take place in Stockholm on 24th and 25th January 2020. Please find more details under MEN FORUM CLUB HANDBALL on this page.

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The 12th General Assembly of Women Forum Club Handball will take place in Vienna on 18th and 19th January 2020. Please find more details under WOMEN FORUM CLUB HANDBALL on this page.

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FCH Managing Director G. Butzeck scheduled the next ordinary FCH General Assemblies.

Due to the Women World Championship in Japan 2019 the next Women’s General Assembly will take place on the fringes of the Men’s EHF EURO 2020 in Vienna/AUT on 18/19th January 2020.

The Men’s General Assembly will take place one week later in Stockholm/SWE on 24/25th January 2020.

FCH member clubs are requested to save the date. More details are to be found under Next General Assembly on this webpage. The invitations will be delivered to the FCH member clubs 2 months prior to the event at the latest.

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FCH works with a voting system which allocates one vote to the Challenge Cup teams, 2 votes to the EHF-Cup teams and three votes to the CL teams. As of season 20/21 the EHF Champions League will work with a new playing system. The number of CL participants will be reduced from 28 to 16 teams. Accordingly the influence from the CL would be reduced from potentially 74 votes to potentially (if all clubs are present) 48 votes. In order to have also in the future a major impact of the CL teams, the number of votes for the CL participants was increased from 3 to 4 as of season 20/21. The decision was taken unanimously with two abstentions.

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Financials will be the important topic of the upcoming FCH General Assemblies in Budapest (Women, 12.5.19) and Cologne (Men, 2.6.2019).

According to the new contract between EHF Marketing GmbH and Infront/Dazn, a new distribution system for the European Cup revenues will be set up. The General Assemblies will decide upon the split between men’s and women’s competition and about the split between Champions League, new European Handball League (=former EHF-Cup) and new EHF-Cup (=former Challenge Cup) for the seasons 20/21, 21/22 and 22/23.

Due to the change of the term of office for EHF Office holders, the term of the current office holders of FCH is expected to be prolonged until 2021.

A big number of European Top clubs is expected to participate in the meetings in Budapest and Cologne.

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FC Barcelona nominated the former International David Barrufet (280 times representing Spain) to replace Xavier O’Callaghan as Board member FCH. O’Callaghan served as FCH Board member from the very beginning of the Organisation. End of last year he was promoted as FC Barcelona representative for USA. Therefore he had to resign from his position as President and Board member FCH.

David Barrufet is a 7-times Champions League winner and one of the most famous Spanish players of all times.

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Yesterday FCH Vice-President Bertus Servaas/PGE Vive Kielce – Poland resigned from his office in FCH. In his message to FCH he explained that  ‘the work is done’ and wished ‘good luck’ in the future. FCH regrets the decision of Bert Servaas as Handball needs personalities like him.

#Bert: we are looking forward to seeing you during our next General Assemblies! All the best to you and your family!