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On 14th October 2013 the annual FCH Board Meeting will take place in Spain. EHF Secretary General Michael Wiederer and Markus Glaser, Head of the Competition departement, will be guests of FCH. The major topic of the Agenda will be the future Championsleague system. Almost one half of the FCH member Clubs would like to increase the number of CL-matches although the second half of the clubs would like to stay with the current system or even decrease the number of CL matches.

In the second – internal – part of the meeting, FCH will determine the conditions for the renewal of the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ between Clubs and EHF which expires in June 2014.

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El Club Balonmano Neptuno comunica a todos los aficionados y seguidores del Balonmano Atlético de Madrid, que ante las dificultades actuales por las que atraviesa nuestra economía y que afecta a todas las entidades, las deportivas entre ellas, esta sociedad ha tomado la decisión de no continuar en su actividad deportiva,cerrando en consecuencia todas las secciones de la misma.

La falta de patrocinadores y apoyo logístico de las Instituciones Públicas, unido a la imposibilidad de que por parte de los altos directivos del Club Balonmano Neptuno se puedan seguir realizando las aportaciones económicas necesarias que a fondo perdido se venían realizando, han hecho imposible la supervivencia del Club.

El apoyo moral de las Instituciones de Madrid hasido insuficiente a la horade hacer la valoración final y llegar a una conclusión positiva que junto ala aportación del Atlético de Madrid hiciera viable el proyecto.

Quiero agradecer al Atlético de Madrid el apoyo prestado a nuestro Club durante los dos años que ha estado disputando las competiciones ubicado en la ciudad de Madrid, tanto a nivel económico como organizativo y moral. Especialmente tengo que dar las gracias a Miguel Ángel Gil (Director General del Club) y a Enrique Cerezo (Presidente de la entidad) por habernos abierto las puertas del Atlético de Madrid.

Igualmente damos las gracias a todos los aficionados y seguidores del Atlético de Madrid por su apoyo en los partidos disputados, felicitándolos a la vez porque hemos podido apreciar, de primera mano, lo que es una verdadera afición con mayúsculas. Especialmente debemos rendir tributo a nuestros jugadores, cuerpo técnico y personal adscrito al Club que con su profesionalidad han llevado al equipo a disputar finales de todas las competiciones nacionales e internacionales.

Por último, y debido a la imposibilidad de mantener económicamente el Club Balonmano Neptuno, pese al apoyo económico del Atlético de Madrid, y con la ayuda del mismo, se procederá a una liquidación ordenada de la entidad siguiendo los procedimientos legales correspondientes.

Madrid 9 de julio de 2013

Domingo Díaz de Mera Lozano


Presidente Club Balonmano Neptuno/ BM Atléticode Madrid

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During the last weekend the Presidents of European Handball Federation (EHF) and Forum Club Handball (FCH) met in Nantes on occasion of the EHF Cup Finals in order to discuss the prolongation of the current ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MoU) which expires in June 2014. In a number of points the parties achieved agreements. The EHF Leadership offered to increase the compensation amounts for clubs, releasing players to European Championships and refused the wish of the clubs to receive a referral right on issues, concerning professional handball. The FCH president will present the results of the meeting to the General Assembly (GA), taking place in Cologne/GER on 2nd June 2013. The GA will decide upon the strategy for the further procedure. GB

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Forum Club Handball congratulates Francisco Blázquez as newly elected President of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation. He won todays elections against Atletico Madrid Goalkeeper José Javier Hombrados (41) with 54-32 votes. GB

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According to a statement of the President of Macedonian Handball Federation and SEHA Vice-President, Mihajlo Mihajlovski, Gazprom will sign a sponsorship contract with the SEHA-League on the fringes of the SEHA Final Weekend (13/14.4.13) in Skopje. According to all necessary questions are agreed. Hungarian and Polish teams show interest to participate in the league. Gazprom intends to spend 1 – 1.5 Mio Euros on the project.

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In September he was elected as President of Spanish ASOBAL, now he brings first ideas into handball. In MUNDODEPORTIVO he says: ‘In terms of the sport we are top, but the halls in Spain are empty. We have to revolutionize our sport. We have no money and no sponsors, we need to be creative. We are optimistic, because the situation can only improve.’ Coll proposes to think in all directions and to unify forces. The clubs should work intensively on the number of spectators. ‘We should think about one chinese player per team, to raise interest for our sport in China. … Argentina, Tunesia or China might be interested to host a 3-days-tournament with Spanish teams.’ His team Barcelona has the task to remain on top level with less sources.

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According to an official announcement EHF executive Alexander Toncourt passed away today. One of the best of this handball world has gone. He was always available for all members of the handball family – and he was always a friend. ‘Ali’, we will never forget you!

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The first seminar for Handball Club Managers will take place in Cologne/Germany from 24.5 to 26.6.2012.

All European club managers, participating in the various European Cups, will be obliged to attend one seminar within the next 3 years. The seminar is based on the ‘Best practice’ system, granting concrete support to increase the number of spectators and sponsors in handball. At the same time concrete information for daily work in handball will be provided.

Clubs are kindly requested to register as quick as possible ( due to a limited number of available places. Registration will be on ‘first come – first serve’ basis. Deadline for registration: 20.4.12! GB

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The European Club Association (ECA) will send an observer to the 7th General Assembly of Forum Club Handball (FCH). David Frommer is ECA advisor for Public and EU Affairs. During the last week Europe’s top football clubs have opened talks with the world federation FIFA aimed at resolving a long-running dispute over World Cup revenues and other club-versus-country issues. GB

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All European Top Clubs are here with invited to the 7th ordinary General Assembly of FORUM CLUB HANDBALL (FCH), taking place on the final weekend of the EHF Euro 2012 in Belgrade/SRB.

This invitation is directed to the

  • top 24 clubs of the VELUX EHF Championsleague (CL) season 2011/12
  • top 16 clubs of the EHF Cup season 2011/12
  • top 16 clubs of the Cup-Winners Cup season 2011/12
  • top 16 clubs of the Challenge Cup season 2011/12

and all National champions of season 2010/11.


The General Assembly will take place on Saturday, 28.1.2012, 10 – 14:30 hours.


Hyatt Regency Belgrad, PO Box 067, Milentija Popovica 5, Belgrad, Serbien 11070, Tel.: +381 11 301 1234    Fax: +381 11 311 2234

The program will be as follows:

27.1.2011: Arrival and check-in at the hotel during the day

Visit of the Semi-Final matches (17:45h and 20:15h) of the EHF Euro 2012

Dinner of the FCH representatives

28.1.2011:  10 – 11:30h Part I, 7th General Assembly

11:30 – 12 hours          break

12 – 14:30 hours          Part II, 7th General Assembly

14:30 hours Departure

Agenda of the 7th General Assembly:

Part I

  1. Welcome
  2. Reports IHF, EHF, Professional Handball Board (PHB), Men’s Club Marketing Board (MCMB)
  3. Discussion
  4. Motions
  5. Various

Part II

  1. European Cup in the future

All participants are kindly requested to make proposals for the agenda.

Costs: FCH will cover the costs for one representative per club for hotel (one night, Fr/Sa), one ticket for the Semifinals on Friday
and for the meeting on Saturday.

The participants have to cover their own travel costs.

Deadline for registration:

All clubs are kindly requested to register by e-mail to until 23rd December 2011.

Further information will be provided during the next days. Please do not hesitate to contact the FCH office for any question. GB