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Date: 2012.02.10 | Category: Forum Club Handball, IHF | Response: 0

On request of FORUM CLUB HANDBALL (FCH) the President of International Handball Federation (IHF) Dr. Hassan Moustafa and his 1st Vice-President Miguel Roca met the leadership of FCH in Basle on 7th February 2012. FCH President Tomaz Jersic/SLO and his Vice-Presidents Joan Marin/ESP and Dierk Schmäschke/GER expressed the wish of the clubs to establish the cooperation of IHF and FCH on a contractual basis. It was agreed to start work on an according draft including calendar, insurance, compensation and governance issues.

President Moustafa ensured his guests that clubs are always welcome to forward their request to the IHF office. In the future clubs will be informed by IHF about new developments directly. GB

Date: 2012.02.09 | Category: Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

The 7th ordinary General Assembly of FCH took place in Belgrade on 28th January. Prior to the meeting the participants watched the Semi-Finals of the EHF Euro 2012. In the first part of the meeting the participants were informed about the activities of the FCH board members. Various motions, proposed by the board, were adopted. In the second part the assembly welcomed EHF Vice-President J. Brihault, EHF Gen Secretary M. Wiederer, EPHLA President Reiner Witte and others. The future of European Club Handball was discussed. For the moment beside the merger of EHF Cup and Cup Winners Cup no major changes are to be expected.

Finally the clubs asked EHF to organize the 1. Final Tournament of the new EHF Cup in Vienna in order to simplify the playing system.

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