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Date: 2009.07.23 | Category: EHF, GCH | Response: 0

GROUP CLUB HANDBALL EEIG and European Handball Federation met in Garda (ITA) on July 21/22 2009 on the invitation of EHF president Tor Lian to discuss the position of stake holders and more specifically clubs in the European Handball Federation in the future with the ambition to supply significant input to the EHF Executive Committee in the perspective of the EHF extraordinary congress to be held in Cyprus in October 2009.

The meeting was placed under the dual leadership of GCH president Joan Marin and EHF vice president Jean Brihault and involved Tomaz Jersic and Dierk Schmaeschke as well as Ralf Dejaco and Michael Wiederer from EHF side.

Both parties initially stated their desire to continue working together and to find a better articulation inside the EHF so as to give the clubs a position in the decision-making process likely to represent the essential role that they play in European handball.

To this end and in agreement with the wishes expressed by GCH they worked on the concept of a club structure and a strategic forum for handball stake holders comparable to those implemented in European football.

Both parties expressed their satisfaction at the good atmosphere and efficiency that prevailed throughout the meeting and agreed to jointly pursue their reflection on the issues at stake.

Duesseldorf, 23.7.09