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Date: 2010.05.31 | Category: EHF, Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

On 30.5.2010 at 14:22 hours Tor Lian, President of European Handball Federation (EHF), M. Wiederer, General Secretary of EHF, Tomaz Jersic, President of FORUM CLUB HANDBALL (FCH) and Joan Marin President of GROUP CLUB HANDBALL EEIG (GCH) signed the ‘Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)’ which in the future will serve as basis for cooperation between Top European Professional Handball Clubs and EHF.

‘This is a milestone in the relation between clubs and EHF’ said the FCH President, not denying the hard work which had to be done through the last years. ‘All European Top Clubs will benefit from the agreement in terms of compensation for release of players, insurance, representation and calendar questions’.

For more details about the MoU please click our page: ‘Forum Club Handball’.

FCH is now recognized by EHF and therefore are an integral part of the Handball family.

As a consequence the GCH complaint lodged with the European Commission was withdrawn today.   

In a first FCH action President Jersic offered support to International Handball Federation (IHF) in all questions regarding professional handball. GB

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Today the 3rd FORUM CLUB HANDBALL (FCH) took place on the fringes of the first ‘EHF Championsleague Final4’ event in Cologne/GER. GCH President Joan Marin welcomed the assembly and EHF President Lian, Vice-President Brihault, Treasurer Dejaco and Secretary General Wiederer.

Tor Lian gave a short introduction and described the good relation between Clubs and EHF. Jean Brihault and Michael Wiederer answered questions concerning the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MoU) and the upcoming EHF Presidents meeting.

The club assembly elected the following board:

Tomaz Jersic/Celje (President),
Joan Marin/Ciudad Real (Vice-President),
Dierk Schmaeschke/Hamburg (Vice-President),
Jens Boesen/Kolding and Radek Wasiak/Kielce.

In a first decision the club representatives from 19 nations (discussed and) approved the MoU which shall become the basis for future cooperation between the various stakeholders in European professional handball.   

The MoU shall be signed by the EHF President Tor Lian and FCH President Tomaz Jersic during a press conference on Sunday, 30.5.2010 in Lanxess Arena, Cologne. Detailed information will follow. GB

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On invitation of GROUP CLUB HANDBALL EEIG (GCH) President Joan Marin and FORUM CLUB HANDBALL (FCH) President Tomaz Jersic the President of the European Handball Federation (EHF) Tor Lian and EHF Secretary General Michael Wiederer will attend the meeting.

Tor Lian will welcome the club representatives from all over Europe and give a short information about the future cooperation between European Top Clubs and EHF. GB

For detailed information please visit our page: ‘Forum Club Handball’ GB

Date: 2010.05.17 | Category: Forum Club Handball, GCH | Response: 0

According to the call for nomination, FORUM CLUB HANDBALL (FCH) member clubs nominated 11 candidates for the FCH board. The elections will take place during the FCH meeting on 29.5.2010 in Cologne. If you are interested to see the list in detail, please click our page: ‘Forum Club Handball’. GB

Date: 2010.05.11 | Category: Forum Club Handball, GCH | Response: 0

Today GROUP CLUB HANDBALL (GCH) informed European Top Clubs about the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will be discussed and voted upon during the upcoming FORUM CLUB HANDBALL meeting, taking place in Cologne on 29.5.2010.
Clubs may still register for the meeting by mail

For detailed information please click our page: ‘Forum Club Handball’ GB

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European Top Clubs may register for FORUM CLUB HANDBALL (FCH), taking place on occasion of the EHF Championsleague Final Four in Cologne on 29.5.2010, until 28.5.2010 latest.

The deadline for proposing candidates to the board of FCH finishes two weeks earlier on 15th May. The list of candidates will be published on this website.  

Please send your registration/proposal to

For more details please click our page: Forum Club Handball. GB

Date: 2010.05.03 | Category: EHF, Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

European Handball Federation (EHF) today invited its member federations to an EHF Presidents meeting on occasion of the EHF Championsleague Final Four, taking place in Cologne on 29.5.2010.

The meeting will be held parallel to FORUM CLUB HANDBALL (FCH), a meeting of all national champions and the best teams, competing in the various European Cups.

EHF and FCH will discuss a draft for a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ which shall organise the co-operation between clubs and EHF (and other stakeholders) in the future. GB

For detailed information regarding FCH please click our page: Forum Club Handball