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Date: 2012.08.01 | Category: EHF | Response: 0

Denish top team AG Kobenhavn declared bankrupt on 31st July 2012. With the financial support of sponsor Jesper Nielsen AG Kobenhavn became one of the top handball clubs in Europe during the last years, selecting Denish and International top players. Now Nielsen announced that ‘Owners have decided to close the company behind the club’.

This decision might mean that many handball stars are without contract at the beginning of the season. Normally all top clubs have finalized their team rooster in august.

This decision might have consequences for the upcoming VELUX EHF Championsleague (CL) and even the Wild Card Tournament.

Last year Bosnian Sarajevo had financial problems and many players left at the beginning of the season.

Beside Kobenhavn Spanish Reale Ademar Leon faces serious financial problems at the beginning of the season. Leon became third in the previous ASOBAL league and qualified for the upcoming CL season. But almost all top players left the team.

The European Handball Federation Secretary General M. Wiederer acted: ‘We must work on a solution to the general situation in particular concerning the ownership and finances of clubs, especially Champions League club in order to preserve the product. The solution will be a joint effort between the EHF and EHF Marketing.”