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Date: 2012.09.13 | Category: Forum Club Handball, IHF, Other Sports | Response: 0

FCH Managing Director G. Butzeck was invited as observer to the 9th ordinary General Assembly of European Club Association (ECA), taking place in Geneva on 10.+11.9.12. The content of the new ‘Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)’ between UEFA and ECA was presented to the representatives of 135 football clubs. ECA Chairman K.H. Rummenigge (FC Bayern Munich, Germany) expressed himself satisfied with the document. At the same time he is ‘optimistic’ that in the near future a ‘similar agreement’ will be reached with FIFA.

The International Handball Federation (IHF) refused to start negotiations with FCH on a MoU before the next IHF Congress (which will take place in Qatar in October 2013). GB

Date: 2012.09.13 | Category: EHF, Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

During the last weekend the newly elected leadership of EHF and FCH met in Achenkirch/Austria to speak about the future of European Handball. The content of the meeting will be reported to the next FCH General Assembly, taking place in Barcelona on 25th/26th January 2013. GB