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Date: 2011.06.01 | Category: GCH | Response: 0

GCH declines the statements of German National Team Coach Heiner Brand, describing GCH Managing Director Gerd Butzeck as ‘dangerous with personal interests’.

Since 2006 Butzeck is successfully executing the resolutions of GCH. It is his task to represent the interests of European Top Handball Clubs in face of National Leagues, National, European and International Handball Federations. By nature the interests of clubs are sometimes in contrary to the mentioned organizations. Thanks to the work of GCH and of Gerd Butzeck a lot of aspects of European Club Handball have improved during the last 5 years.

We regret that Brand refused talks with the Managing Director of GCH in the past and hope that the relation will improve in the near future, as Brand is going to take over a leading management position in the German Federation in July 2011.

Cologne, 27.5.2011 – Joan Marin/President GCH