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Up to today 4 players were seriously injured during the 22nd IHF World Championship in Sweden. These are Thomas Mogensen/DEN (SG Flensburg), Michail Jurecki/POL (Vive Targi Kielce), Mohamed Ibrahin/EGY and David Katzirz/HUN (Pick Szeged). Thanks to the activities of GROUP CLUB HANDBALL EEIG and FORUM CLUB HANDBALL the IHF insured the salaries of the players in favor of the clubs. Now the concerned clubs will benefit from this new regulation. GB

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According to (please look for the link on our page Int. Handball Policy) an English Handball Team will participate in the Olympics 2012 in London. This decision of the British organizing committee of Olympics 2012 was announced by Paul Goodwin, CEO of the British Handball Federation.  GB

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On the fringes of the 22nd IHF World Championship, taking place currently in Sweden, the leading clubs of Europe from Gothenburg, Dublin, Hamburg, Istanbul, Minsk, Ciudad Real and others met in Copenhagen to discuss the situation of European Club Handball.

In the first part of the meeting EHF Secretary General M. Wiederer informed about the Professional Handball Board (PHB). EHF Head Competitions M. Glaser explained possible options for changes of the European Cups system.

The meeting participants discussed pros and cons of a merger of EHF Cup and Cup Winners Cup and the possibilities of and experiences with Cross Boarder Competitions.

In the second part of the meeting the relation between clubs and IHF was analysed. For the first time during the presidency of Hassan Moustafa club representatives had official contacts with IHF. IHF established an insurance for injured players in favor of the clubs and pays compensation to clubs, releasing players to the World Championship.

Nevertheless the communication between IHF was not regarded to be sufficient. The board of FCH was advised to establish a structural dialogue with IHF.

The relation between IHF and FCH will be one of the major topics of the next FCH meeting, taking place on 28th May 2011 in Cologne, Germany. GB

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On 14th January 2011 the World Championship (WCH) will start in Sweden.

IHF announced that players salaries will insured be for the first time in history. According to our information the salaries of injured players will be covered up to maximum of 3 months and up to a maximum salary of 15.000 Euros per month in favor of the Clubs.

IHF will pay compensation to Clubs for the release of players to the WCH, depending on the success of the concerned National team. The compensation will be paid for 10 and 17 days and the compensation will vary between 75 and 300 CHF (Swiss Francs) per player per day.

IHF will pay a fee to Clubs for preparing players for the WCH, depending on the success of the concerned National team. The fee will be a one-time-payment which varies between 250 and 1.500 CHF per player.

All information without guarantee. GB