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European Cup-Winner Rhein-Neckar-Löwen joined the complaint, lodged by 16 Bundesliga Clubs against DHB/IHF in April 2013. The next hearing in court is scheduled for 12th March 2014. GB

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The ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MoU) with European Handball Federation (EHF) was the major point on the agenda of the 11th FCH General Assembly (GA). The 36 Top clubs from 19 countries, among them 21 VELUX EHF Championsleague (CL) representatives and for the first time the manager of an English Club, London HB, discussed the result of the negotiations between the leadership of EHF and FCH. The GA entitled the board of FCH to sign the ‘MoU’ on basis of the presented results.

The GA discussed the possibility to change the VELUX EHF Championsleague (CL) system for season 2014/15. In order to clarify the conditions for the new system it was proposed to execute a possible change as of season 2015/16.

The 12th GA will take place on occasion of the VELUX EHF Championsleague Final Four in Cologne/GER on 1st June 2014.

The GA advised the General Manager (GM) to work out project for the 13th Ordinary General Assembly of FCH to take place on the fringes of the World Championship (WCH) 2015 in Qatar.

18.1.2014 FCH General Assembly supports change of the VELUX EHF Championsleague playing system as of 2015

Basically EHF, Clubs and Leagues agree that the VELUX EHF Championsleague playing system shall be changed. In order to clarify the conditions for the new system, the change shall take place as of season 2015/16. Conditions and the according calendar shall be fixed by EHF in spring 2014 latest.

18.1.2014 FCH General Assembly supports cooperation with Women Top Clubs 

On request of the chairman of the Women’s Club Board (WCB) Kay-Sven Hähner, the General Assembly (GA) disussed a cooperation of the leading Men and Women Clubs. It was decided to work out a project for cooperation until the next GA.

18.1.2014 FCH General Assembly decides on a project for emerging clubs

On request of Doukas Handball Club (Athens, Greece) the General Assembly (GA) discussed the question, how to strengthen handball in emerging countries. The Forum Club Handball (FCH) board proposed that every top club shall take a patronat for one emerging club on a voluntarily basis. The emerging clubs may request a patronat at the FCH office. Together the club and FCH shall determine a program, targets and a timeline. The Top club will be provided by decision of the FCH board.

18.1.2014 FCH General Assembly elects Vice-President Joan Marin to become Honorary Member of FCH

During the 11th General Assembly (GA) of Forum Club Handball (FCH) Joan Marin unanimously was elected as Honorary member. The current FCH Vice-President served as GROUP CLUB HANDBALL EEIG (GCH) President from 2006 – 2011. During this time he represented the interests of former CL-Winner BM Ciudad Real. As of the formal foundation of FCH, Joan Marin served as Vice-President of FCH (representative of BM Atletico Madrid). In this capacity he became chairman of the Professional Handball Board (PHB) and member of the Executive Committee of the EHF. Although BM Atletico Madrid is no longer existing, FCH confirmed his office until the end of the current period (June 2014).

According to the FCH statutes Honorary members may have an office at FCH.

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The first ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MoU), signed by the presidents of  European Handball Federation (EHF) Thor Lian and Forum Club Handball President Tomaz Jersic on 31st May 2010, expires on 30th June 2014. The presidents of EHF and FCH will meet on the fringes of European Championship in Herning/Denmark in order to renew the agreement. An earlier meeting took place in May 2013 in Nantes/France. For the ordinary General Assembly of FCH the MoU will be the major topic on the agenda on Saturday morning. The MoU describes rights and obligations in the relation between clubs and EHF. 35 FCH member clubs from 19 countries registered for the General Assembly. GB