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Date: 2021.05.31 | Category: Women Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

The 14th General Assembly of Women Forum Club Handball with elections took place on 30th May 2021 in Budapest.  

A new Board was elected as follows:

ELECTIONS Part I/Board members:

  1. Election Board Member Nation ranked 1 (HUN)


Zsolt Ákos Jeney/Ferencvaros 

Tamas Szabo/Györ  

2. Election Board Member Nation ranked 2 (RUS)


Anton Revenko/Rostov


3. Election 4 Board Members Nation ranked 3-9 (DEN, ROU, FRA, NOR, MNE, GER, CRO)


DEN Thomas Hylle/Esbjerg  

FRA Nicolas Roue/Brest  

NOR Per Geir Lovstad/Vipers  

ROM Alexandru Nitisor/Valcea  

4. Election 2 Board Members Nation ranked 10-18 (SWE, SLO, CZE, POL, TUR, MKD, ESP, BLR, SRB)


SLO Deja Ivanovic/Mercator  

SWE Emil Berggren/Savehof

5. Election 1 Board Member Nations ranked 19-30 (AUT, ITA, GRE, SUI, SVK, NED, AZE, UKR, CYP, FIN, ISL, ISR, KOS)


AUT Gerhard Haidvogel/Hypo  

6.Election 1 Board member ‘EHF Cup Ranking’ ranked 1-20 (POR, LTU, BEL, BIH, GBR, LUX, ALB, AND, ARM, BUL, EST, FAR, GEO, IRL, LAT, LIE,  MDA, MLT, MON)


          GBR Diaraye Diallo/London  

ELECTIONS Part II/Office holders:


  1. Election of the FCH President

Elected: Tamas Szabo/Györ

  1. Election of the 2 FCH Vice-Presidents

No candidates

2. Election of the FCH-Treasurer

No candidates

3.Election of the FCH-Comptroller

Elected: Jens Genge/Blomberg


4. Election of the 2 WHB-representatives


Deja Ivanovic/Krim

Radmila Petrovic/Buducnost

5. Election of the EHF Competitions Commission member


Thomas Hylle/Team Esbjerg


6.         Election of the 5 WCB-representatives


Zsolt Ákos Jeney/Chairperson

Nicolas Roue

Per Geir Lovstad

Gerd Haidvogel

Emil Berggren

7.         Election of the EHFM comptroller

Elected: Per Geir Lovstad/Vipers

8.         Election of the WFCH representative in the EHF/M-FCH Evaluation Group

Elected: Martin Albertsen – no club representative

Remark: The chairperson of the WCB will represent FCH in the EHFM Advisory Board in the future.

Congratulations to elected FCH Board members and office holders!

Date: 2021.05.11 | Category: Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

The FCH Board decided in an Extraordinary Board meeting to move the 24th General Assembly from Cologne to Athens. The meeting was supposed to take place on the fringes of the F4 event on 12th/13th June 21. As it is not possible to organize the assembly due to Pandemic restrictions in Cologne, the FCH Board adopted a proposal of AEK Athens to organize the assembly in Athens on 15th/16th June 2021. Additionally the FCH Board decided to support the travel costs of the participants. For detailed information please contact or visit our page ‘Next General Assembly’.