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Date: 2018.10.10 | Category: Professional Handball Board (PHB) | Response: 0

On 9th October 2018 the EHF Professional Handball Board (PHB) held it 21st meeting. The PHB takes care of all matters concerning professional handball and consists out of 2 player representatives, 2 league representatives, 2 Nations representatives, two club representatives, 2 EHF representatives, the EHF President and the EHF Secretary General. The chairman of the PHB represents the group in the EHF Executive Committee. The former PHB chairman (and President of FCH) Xavier O’Callaghan had to resign from his position, as he changed his job inside FC Barcelona and moved to New York. FCH Vice-President Gregor Planteu will represent FCH in the PHB together with FCH Managing Director Gerd Butzeck in the future. The PHB elected Gerd Butzeck to become new chairman of the EHF body.