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Date: 2009.10.26 | Category: EHF, GCH | Response: 0

The 10. EHF Extraordinary Congress took place last weekend in Limassol/Cyprus. The Presidents of 47 member nations met in order to discuss important issues, concerning the future of handball.

Motion No 5, proposed by the EHF Executive Committee, had the intention to establish a co-operation between EHF and the various stakeholders in professional handball, such as Clubs, Leagues and Players.

These groups were to be represented in the ‘Professional Handball Board’, a body which was supposed to have the same function like the ‘Professional Football Strategy Council’, successfully established by the UEFA in January 2008.

The highest body in European Handball, the Congress, rejected the motion, forwarded by its Executive Committee.

The General Assembly of GROUP CLUB HANDBALL EEIG will deal with this decision and further results of the Congress during its next meeting on 1st/2nd November 2009 in Madrid.

Dusseldorf, 26.10.09  GB

Date: 2009.10.05 | Category: GCH | Response: 0

The next General Assembly of GROUP CLUB HANDBALL EEIG will take place in Madrid/ESP on 2nd November 2009. 

The assembly will study the results of the EHF Presidents Conference, taking place in Limassol/Cyprus one week earlier and the results of the negotiations, achieved between the leadership of EHF and GCH during the last weeks.

GCH Chairman Joan Marin/BM Ciudad Real finishes his first presidency. He is proposed for re-election.

Dusseldorf, 5.10.2009 GB