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Date: 2013.12.10 | Category: Other Sports | Response: 0

In June 2012 the International Icehockey Federation (IIHF) organized a workshop with Clubs, Leagues, National Federations and agencies in Barcelona. Target of the Workshop: Development of a project for an Icehockey-Championsleague. Various ideas were collected. After the workshop a working group under the leadership of Szymon Szemberg set up a concept, based on structure and principales of ‘Turkish Airlines Euroleague Basket’.

Shareholders of the ECC are the IIHF (12%), 6 West European Leagues (25%) and 26 clubs (63%). The clubs have to fulfill criteria regarding sportive success, infrastructure, sustainability and shareholder structure. The starting capital of the EEC is 3.3 Mio Euros. 40 Clubs will participate in the new Championsleague. The 26 co-owners and 14 more clubs, qualifying via sportive criteria, will participate in the new competition. Start of the League will be in August 2014, the final will be played in February 2015.

The 26 fixed spots are awarded to: Sweden 6, Finland 6, Chekia 4, Germany 4, Switzerland 4, Austria 2.

Infront is the media and marketing partner of EEC. The agency will produce tv-pictures of all the 149 CL-matches per season.

Clubs of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) will not participate in the new Championsleague. GB

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The European Handball family faced a discussion about brutality in Handball during the last days. Origin of this discussion are the brutal scenes of an EHF-Cup match, which were posted on YouTube last Tuesday and reached more than 230.000 views within four days. The actions, shown in this clip, tremendously harm our beloved Handball sport.

The board of Forum Club Handball (FCH) unanimously condemns any kind of brutal and unfair Handball and calls up all players, referees, coaches, officials and fans to support fair and sportive behavior.

EHF is called up to undertake all steps necessary, to avoid scenes like these in the future. (FCH Board)


Brutalität im Handball

Die Europäische Handball Familie sieht sich seit einigen Tagen einer Diskussion über Brutalität im Handballsport ausgesetzt. Den Ursprung für diese Diskussion bilden brutale Szenen aus einem EHF-Cup Spiel, die am letzten Dienstag auf YouTube gepostet und innerhalb von 4 Tagen mehr als 230.000 mal aufgerufen wurden. Die gezeigten Szenen schädigen in höchstem Maße den von uns so geliebten Handballsport.

Der Vorstand von Forum Club Handball (FCH) verurteilt einstimmig jede Art von brutalem und unfairen Handball und ruft alle Spieler, Schiedsrichter, Trainer, Offizielle und Fans auf, faires und sportliches Verhalten zu unterstützen.

Die EHF wird aufgerufen, alle notwendigen Schritte einzuleiten, um eine Wiederholung derartiger Szenen zu verhindern.   (FCH Vorstand)

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The Landgericht Dortmund court yesterday announced to continue the trial of 16 Bundesliga-Clubs against Deutscher Handball Bund (DHB) and International Handball Federation (IHF) with a meeting on 26thFebruary 2014. Both parties were requested to provide further documents. IHF and DHB shall be adjudged to refrain from obligating the Clubs to second their employed foreign handball players upon demand of their respective national federations for measures of said national federations. GB


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According to German, the International Handball Federation (IHF) is about to sign a new record contract for period 2014-17. The contract will contain the media rights for 2 Men-, 2  Women- and Junior-World Championships. The offer is expected to be about 100 Mio CHF. According to, 5 offers have been made, one of them by Qatarian Al Jazeera. The IHF will choose the new partner during the upcoming Council meeting, taking place on the fringes of the 2013 World Championship Women, starting next week in Belgrade/Serbia.