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Date: 2012.10.05 | Category: Forum Club Handball, IHF | Response: 0

The FCH Board and the EHFM Men’s Club Marketing Board met in Spain on 1.10.12. The elected representatives from Barcelona/ESP, Celje/SLO, Flensburg/GER, Hamburg/GER, Kiel/GER, Kielce/POL, Kolding/DEN, Madrid/ESP and Schaffhausen/SUI (Lund/SWE and Montpellier/FRA excused) discussed CL topics and the relation between Clubs and IHF.

It was unanimous opinion that the quality of the VELUX EHF Championsleague (CL) has been increased tremendously in the last years. Anyhow clubs and EHF shall increase their efforts and make further investments in the product in order to attract more spectators in the arenas and bigger audiences on TV.

IHF President Hassan Moustafa invited EHF, federation and club representatives from 11 countries (CRO, DEN, ESP, FRA, GER, HUN, NOR, SWE, POL, ROM, SRB) to a meeting in the IHF Headquater in Basel/SUI on 8.10.12. Representatives from important handball countries like ie Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland and others were not invited. The club representatives present prepared themselves for the meeting. One more time all clubs underlined their demand to base the relation between Clubs and IHF on a contractual basis.

Beside the agenda the Montpellier betting/match fixing case was in the center of discussion. Unanimously all clubs condemned the behaviour of the involved persons. All top clubs have clauses in their player contracts which prohibit betting of players and their relatives. The public interest in the case causes significant damage to the handball sports. All top clubs in Europe and their officials are requested to inform their players about the consequences of betting and match fixing for Handball in general.