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Date: 2020.11.27 | Category: Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

For a couple of years FCH follows the development of the relationship between clubs and player agents in various sports. Various initiatives in Handball, Football and other sports which tried to regulate the activities of agents remained without positive result,

Licensing systems were invented and ignored, as agents always have the possibility to cooperate with lawyers. As a consequence they do not need a license.

Today usually player agents represent the interests of players and get paid by the club. In the future the agents shall be paid by the player, if they represent the interests of the player.

This proposal was developed by the FCH Board and will be discussed during the next FCH General Assembly end of December. If the proposal is supported by the clubs, it will be forwarded to the various bodies of European Handball Federation. The new system shall start in July 2021, but clubs shall apply the new way of acting as of January 2021.

Date: 2020.07.02 | Category: Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

As the situation in Europe is improving step-by-step after the Corona crisis, FCH scheduled the next meetings. The FCH Boards (men and women) will meet in Spain on 19/20th October 2020 to discuss the consequences of European Lock-down in spring/summer 2020. The 13th Women General Assembly will take place on the fringes of the EHF Euro in Oslo/NOR on 18/19th December 2020.  The 23rd Men’s General Assembly will take place just a few days later on occasion of the last VELUX EHF Final4 in Cologne/GER on 28/29th December 2020.

Date: 2020.07.02 | Category: Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

Davor Stojanoski, former Manager of RK Vardar and twice winner of the EHF VELUX Champions League, resigned from his position as Board member FCH. RK Vardar is under new leadership as of 1st July 2020. FCH President Gregor Planteu thanked Stojanoski for his contribution to European Club Handball and wished him all the best for his future.

Date: 2020.07.01 | Category: Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

Davor Stojanoski, long standing Board member of Forum Club Handball, resigned from his position on 30.6.2020. FCH thanks Davor and his club RK Vardar for their contributions to European Handball. With Manager Davor Stojanski RK Vardar won the Champions League twice. As of 1st July 2020 the club will be named RK Vardar 1961 under new leadership.

Date: 2020.03.16 | Category: Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

During the last days the various FCH-Boards consulted on consequences of the Corona-Virus. The Boards unanimously recommended all member clubs to share the expected losses 50%:50% with the players. This solution shall be applied all across Europe for the period until 30th June 2020. “We think this to be a fair solution. The clubs need the understanding of the players to overcome this difficult situation for Handball!” is the common opinion of the FCH-Presidents Gregor Planteu/Celje and Zsolt Ákos Jeney/Budapest.

Date: 2020.02.04 | Category: Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

During the latest General Assemblies of FCH (men and women) the statutes were changed and adapted to the new EHF club ranking system which will be in place as of season 20/21. The Boards of FCH will be extended from currently 10 to future 12 members during the upcoming elections in May/June 2021. The Board members of FCH will no longer be split in Board members and Deputy Board members.

Date: 2020.02.04 | Category: Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

Nicola Luca left CSM Bucuresti at the end 2019 and accordingly resigned from his position as Board member Women FCH and Chairman Women Club Board during the 12th General Assembly in Vienna on 19th January 2020. His position in the Board is a temporary vacancy which will be filled during the 13th GA in Budapest in May 2020. At the same time Board member Bozica Palcic/Podravka was replaced Gerhard Haidvogel/Hypo Niederösterreich. Haidvogel will fill the vacancy in the WCB which will be chaired by Tamas Szabo/Györ in the future.

Date: 2020.01.21 | Category: Forum Club Handball, IHF | Response: 0

A new record attendance is expected for the 22nd General Assembly of Forum Club Handball, taking place in ClarionSign Hotel in Stockholm on 24th January 2020. 54 clubs from 29 countries registered more than 80 participants. Jointly the club representatives will attend the Semifinals of the EHF EURO 2020.

In the meeting information on the upcoming changes will be provided. As of season 20/21 there will be significant increase of revenues for the participants in the various European Cup competitions.

IHF President Dr. Hassan Moustafa is expected to address the participants with a welcome speech.

Date: 2019.12.11 | Category: Forum Club Handball | Response: 0

During the ordinary Board meetings in October 2019 the boards (men and women) of Forum Club Handball decided to adapt the structure of the organization to the changes which will be implemented with the start of the season 20/21. According motions will be presented to the General Assemblies, taking place in Vienna (Women) and Stockholm (Men) in January 2020.

The term of office for FCH Board members has already been prolonged from 2 to 4 years. Now the FCH Board proposes to adapt the number of Board members to the new EHF Club ranking system. The number of Board members shall be increased from 10 to 12. In order to be more flexible concerning appointment of FCH officers for various tasks, the difference between Board members and Deputy Board members shall be abolished. The according decisions have to be taken by the General Assemblies with a 75% majority.

Date: 2019.05.02 | Category: Forum Club Handball, Uncategorized | Response: 0

Financials will be the important topic of the upcoming FCH General Assemblies in Budapest (Women, 12.5.19) and Cologne (Men, 2.6.2019).

According to the new contract between EHF Marketing GmbH and Infront/Dazn, a new distribution system for the European Cup revenues will be set up. The General Assemblies will decide upon the split between men’s and women’s competition and about the split between Champions League, new European Handball League (=former EHF-Cup) and new EHF-Cup (=former Challenge Cup) for the seasons 20/21, 21/22 and 22/23.

Due to the change of the term of office for EHF Office holders, the term of the current office holders of FCH is expected to be prolonged until 2021.

A big number of European Top clubs is expected to participate in the meetings in Budapest and Cologne.