7.5.17 7th General Assembly in Budapest

In his opening speech Women FCH President ZA Jeney welcomed the participants and the guests EHF-President M. Wiederer, Vice-President Pedrag Boskovic and the Managing Director of the German League Christoph Wendt. Jeney critisized the absence of leading Clubs like Podgorica and Bucuresti, although they were present in Budapest due to their participation in the Final4.

President Wiederer highlighted the importance of Women Handball as a unity for EHF. The National teams are the flagships of the development of European Women Handball.  A support of the Clubs for the development of the Women CL is appreciated.

The assembly discussed the reports of the various WFCH bodies.

The Social Media Project of WFCH was supported by the General Assembly. It will be continued by Per Christian Andersen.


8.11.16 Annual Board Meeting

During the annual board meeting the members discussed under the chairmanship of President Zolt Akos Jeney a plan for the future. The results will be presented to the General Assembly in Sweden on 17th December 2016.

8.5.16: 5th General Assembly in Budapest

President E. Kelecsenyi resigned from his Position as President Women FCH, as he resigned from his position as President of Györi Audi ETO KC in April 2016. As his successor the 5th General Assembly elected the Hungarian Zsolt Akos Jeney. The results of the elections:

President: Zsolt Akos Jeney/Budapest

Vice-President: Gordana Naceva/Skopje

Vice-President: Kay-Sven Hähner/Leipzig

Board members:

Board member Nation ranked 1st: DEN

   Thomas Hylle (Team Esbjerg)

Deputy Board member Nation ranked 1st: DEN

   Lars Gantzel (Midtjylland),

Board member Nation ranked 2nd: (HUN)

   Zsolt Akos Jeney (Budapest)

Deputy Board member  Nation ranked 2nd: (HUN)

   Laszlo Radvanyi (Györ)

2 Board members Nations ranked 3-8 (RUS, NOR, GER, FRA, ROU, MNE)

   Kay-Sven Hähner (Leipzig/GER)

   Per Christian Andersen (Larvik/NOR)

2 Deputy Board members Nations ranked 3-8 (RUS, NOR, GER, FRA, ROU, MNE)

   Stanislav Kulinchenko (Kuban Krasnodar/RUS)

   Bojana Popovic (Buducnost/MNE)

Board member nations ranked 9-40 (MNE, SLO, AUT, TUR, … )

   Gordana Naceva (Vardar Skopje/MKD)

Deputy Board member  nations ranked 9-40 (MNE, SLO, AUT, TUR, … )

   Deja Ivanovic (Krim Mercator/SLO)

Women Handball Board representative:

   Deja Ivanovic/SLO

Women Club Board representatives:

   Kay-Sven Hähner/GER

   Zsolt Akos Jeney/HUN

   Thomas Hylle/DEN

   Per Christian Andersen/NOR

   Gordana Naceva/MKD


   Treasurer: Kay-Sven Hähner/Leipzig

   Comptroller: Jutta Ehrmann-Wolf/Leverkusen

In his first speech the newly elected President announced that now every club is requested to forward his wishes/proposals/ideas to the Board in order to develop a strategy for Women Club Handball. ‘We are expecting recommendations from the clubs where to go, which way to take and – in case it is relevant – the argumentation to be used towards our partners. So the clubs are not only requested to forward their wishes but also to indicate the way, how to achieve them. These recommendations will be used to develop the strategy of the WFCH for the next 2 years.

10.5.15 3rd General Assembly in Budapest on Occasion of the EHF MVM Final4

19 top Clubs from 15 countries gathered in Budapest, in order to celebrate the 3rd WFCH General Assembly. In his welcome speech President E. Kelecsenyi/Györ highlighted the importance of the Women FCH for the development of the European Handball Sport.

EHF-President J. Brihault attended the GA as guest. In his welcome words he underlined the great importance of good communication between Clubs and EHF. From his point of view the Women FCH developed rapidly during the last year. The MoU, signed betweenEHF and WFCH showed the willingness from both sides to cooperate.

As BG Bruun-Hansen/Larvik (NOR) resigned from his position as Board member WFCH and Women Club Board member, elections took place. Torbjorn Balstad replace Bruun-Hansen as Board member and Gordana Naceva was elected as new Women Club  Board member. Stanislav Kulinchenko/HC Kuban (RUS) was elected as Deputy Board member Nations (3-8).

The participants listened to the reports of Women Handball Board (E. Kelecsenyi), Women Club Board (KS Hähner) and Advisory Board (G. Butzeck).

J. Brihault informed on the results of the last EHF Executive Committee Meeting, dealing among others with gender equality, multiple office holders and age Limit.

G. Butzeck reported on the relation to IHF. The court case of 17 Bundesliga Clubs, supported by Men and Women FCH, is still ongoing.

The relation between FIFA and the Football Club Organisation ECA is improving. Clubs are represented in the various bodies of FIFA and UEFA.

20.12.2014: IHF Vice-President M. Roca guest on the 2nd General Assembly of WFCH

The 2nd General Assembly of WFCH took place on the fringes of the EHF Euro 2014 Croatia/Hungary. The representatives from 25 Clubs discussed the financial situation of women Handball. In the second part the assembly discussed the relation between women Handball Clubs and IHF, represented by the 1st Vice-President Miguel Roca from Spain.

19.9.2014: WFCH and EHF sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

EHF President Jean Brihault and WFCH President Ernö Kelecsenyi signed the MoU for both organizations today. The MoU defines the basis for the cooperation between both Organisation. It expires in June 2018.

5.9.2014 WFCH Board nominates representatives

The board of WFCH nominate representatives for the various bodies in EHF/M as follows:

EHF Women’s Handball Board: Ernö Kelecsenyi/HUN

EHF Competitions Commission: Gordana Naceva/MKD

EHFM Women’s Club Board:

  • Zsolt Akos Jeney/HUN
  • Torben Kolbaek/DEN
  • Kay-Sven Hähner/GER
  • Björn-Gunnar Bruun-Hansen/NOR
  • Liviu Bala/ROM

Kay-Sven Hähner got the task to inspect the EHFM bookkeeping.

15.7.2014: WOMEN’S FORUM CLUB HANDBALL registered at the register of the court of Cologne/GER.

Ernö Kelecsenyi/Györ as President and Gerd Butzeck as Managing Director are registered at the court of Cologne as representatives of Women’s Forum Club Handball 2014 eV! Congratulations!

4.5.2014: European top Club found WOMEN’S FORUM CLUB HANDBALL! 

An important day in European Women Handball – on initiative of a number of leading European Top Clubs, more than 20 Clubs from 15 nations gathered to found WOMEN’S FORUM CLUB HANDBALL (WFCH). In his opening speech the Chairman of the EHF Women’s Club Board, Kay-Sven Hähner from Leipzig, underlined the necessity of the organization, in order to improve Women Handball in Europe. As a guest speaker, the Vice-President from the men’s side, Joan Marin, demanded unity of the clubs vis-à-vis the EHF and the IHF.

After the formal foundation a first board was elected:

Ernö Keleczenyi, Györ/HUN – President

Kay-Sven Hähner, Leipzig/GER – Vice-President (Treasurer)

Gordana Naceva, Skopje/MKD – Vice-President

Jan Buhr, Viborg/DEN

Björn-Gunnar Bruun, Hansen/NOR

The following deputy board members were elected:

Zsolt Akos Jeney, Ferencvarosi/HUN; Torben Kolbaek, Midtjylland/DEN; Liviu Bala, Baia Mare/ROM; Deja Ivanovic, Krim Mercator/SLO

Jutta Ehrmann-Wolf, Leverkusen/GER was elected as a comptroller.

In a first statement the newly elected President thanked for the trust in his person. The thanked for the support from the Men’s Forum Club Handball but asked all women club representatives to find an own way for the future.

At the end of the meeting the President of the European Handball Federation (EHF), Jean Brihault addressed the assembly. He emphasized the importance of women’s handball and promised support from his side.

15.4.14: 20 Clubs from 17 countries registered for the 1. Women Forum Club Handball General Assembly

DHW Antwerpen vzw/BEL, HCM Baia Mare/ROM, ERD Handball/HUN, Team Esbjerg/DEN (excused), Mecalica Atl. Guardes/ESP, Györi Audi ETO KC/HUN, HIFK Damhandboll/FIN, FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria/HUN, Hypo-NÖ/AUT, HC Zalgiris Kaunas/LTU, RK Podravka Vegeta Koprivinica/CRO, HC Leipzig/GER, Bayer Leverkusen/GER, Olympia London/ENG, RK Krim Mercator Ljubljana, Iuventa Michalovce/SVK, FC Midtjylland/DEN, AC Loux Patras/GRE, ZRK Buducnost Podgorica/MNE, Jomi Salerno/ITA, Vardar Skopje/MKD, Baysen Trondheim/NOR (excused), Viborg HK A/S DEN (excused), Femina Vise/BEL

4.4.14: Invitation to the 1. Women Forum Club Handball Foundation Assembly in Budapest on 4.5.14

The European women teams have been benefiting from the work of FCH in many aspects, such as compensation for release of Players to a European-/World Championship or insurance services. A ‘Women’s Club Board’ had been established inside EHF. The chairman of this board, Kay-Sven Hähner from Leipzig/Germany, met with women club representatives from Denmark, Hungary, Montenegro and Norway in order to discuss the question:

How can we improve the situation of Women’s Club Handball in Europe?

The mentioned club representatives came to the conclusion that the foundation of a ‘Women Forum Club Handball’ (WFCH) might be a solution.

The foundation assembly of Women’s FCH will take place on the fringes of the EHF Final4 at

HILTON BUDAPEST CITY, t: +36 1 288 5539  I  m: +36 20 369 8579  I  f: +36 1 288 5552

Váci út 1-3.  I  Budapest  1062  I  Hungary, hilton.com  I

in Budapest on 4th May 2014.

The schedule will be as follows:

Sat 3.5.14

12:00 hours Arrival of the women’s club representatives to the Hilton/Budapest

12-14 hours  Check-in/Registration and distribution of the VIP tickets

14:00 hours Individual transfer to the Budapest Arena

15:30 hours WHC Vardar SCBT – Buducnost

17:30 hours Györi Audi ETO KC – FC Midtjylland

All participants will have exclusive VIP tickets, including catering. Therefore we do not plan a separate dinner on Saturday evening.


Sun 4.5.14

8-9 hours breakfast

9-9:30 hours Check-out

9:30 – 13:00h Foundation Assembly of Women Forum Club Handball

Meeting agenda:

9:30 hours

Welcome by Kay-Sven Hähner/GER

Introduction by Dr. Gerd Butzeck/Managing Director Forum Club Handball (FCH)

Discussion of common targets

Co-operation of WFCH and Men’s FCH

Discussion/Explanation of the WFCH statutes/Rules of Procedure (see attachment)

Foundation of Women Forum Club Handball


11.00-11:30 hours Break


Welcome of guests by Kay-Sven Hähner


Election Supervisor (1)

  1. Tellers (3)
  2. Board members (5)
  3. Deputy board members (5)
  4. President (1)
  5. Vice-Presidents (2)
  6. Committee members
  7. Treasurer (1)
  8. Comptroller (1)

Statement of the new President

Co-operation of WFCH and Men’s FCH/decision


Signing of the foundation documents

13:00 hours closing

13-14 hours WFCH Board meeting

13-14 hours Individual transfer to the Budapest Arena

14:30 hours Match for 3rd place

17:00 hours Final of the EHF Championsleague Final4

20:00 hours Departure

This invitation is addressed to one board member per club of the

  • top 16 teams of the women EHF-Championsleague
  • top 16 teams of the women EHF-Cup
  • top 16 teams of the women Cup-Winners-Cup
  • top 16 teams of the wome Challenge Cup
  • all leaders in the women National Championships of all EHF member federations on 1st April 2014

Women’s FCH will cover the costs for the hotel room (single or double) for one night (3./4.5.14), dinner on Saturday evening and one ticket per club for the EHF Final4 (all matches). The organisation of the meeting will be handled by FCH. Please register by mail to office@forumclubhandball.com until 14th April 2014. After the deadline we can not guarantee hotel and ticket for the event. Registration for the Meeting ends on 2nd May 2014.


18.1.2014 FCH General Assembly supports cooperation with Women Top Clubs 

On request of the chairman of the Women’Club Board (WCB) Kay-Sven Hähner, the General Assembly (GA) disussed a cooperation of the leading Men and Women Clubs. It was decided to work out a project for cooperation until the next GA.

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